Friday, July 24, 2020


Soweto, South Africa

When Nature Box contacted me and offered to send a package I was intrigued so I went to their
Instagram page and to tell you this is the most Happy Instagram page 
I have seen in a while, HAVE A LOOK


A Holistic beauty and all-round positivity. 
Nature Box combines ethical and sustainable practices with
effective beauty care for a holistic approach to beauty that is a gamechanger.
Nature Box is also about pursuing better health and wellness, while respecting life,
 by adopting animal-free and
chemical-free choices. Nature Box harnesses the naturally prolific vitamins and antioxidants sourced from 100 percent cold-pressed fruit and nut oils. 
Every product in the range is vegan and free of silicones, artificial
colouring, sulfates and parabens.
Alluding to the social media trend “Unboxing”, Unbox the natural beauty of hair and skin!

Nature’s best is cold-pressed
Nature Box’s four product lines all contain cold-pressed oils extracted from fruit seeds and nuts: Avocado,Coconut, Apricot and Almond
They are also vegan, free from silicones, artificial colours, sulfates and parabens.
Cold pressing is the most efficient extraction process, allowing the oil’s essential nutrients to be entirely preservedto deliver a nutritional punch to the hair and skin. 
Nature Box products are neither refined nor processed, meaning
all their valuable vitamins in the oils, such as A, B, C, D and E,
 as well as antioxidants and healthy fatty acids, are not lost.

The claim:
The range of natural ingredients used in the Nature Box range meets a whole host of beauty needs, from the tips of the hair down to the pores, without heaviness or greasiness. 
Biotin in avocado oil encourages keratin
production, making it a natural shine booster for hair. 
Coconut oil has soothing properties and provides intense hydration. 

Unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin A in apricot oil create a natural protective barrier for the skin.
Antioxidant properties in almond oil also protect the skin and provide a gorgeous glow.

The product range, of a total of 18 items, includes ten hair care and eight body care products. 
The full product portfolio includes shampoo, conditioner and hair serum, and shower gel, body scrub and, body lotion in the body care range.
Nature Box is now available in leading retailers and online with hair care products from
 R69.00 and body care products from R119.99.

The Avocado line protects and provides deep repair to hair and skin.

Nature Box Avocado Shampoo 385ml – RSP 119.99, 
Nature Box Avocado Conditioner 385ml – RSP 119.99,
Nature Box Avocado Secret Repair Cream 150ml – RSP 99.99,
Nature Box Avocado Shower Gel 385ml – RSP 69.99, 

Nature Box Avocado Body Scrub 200ml – RSP 89.99.

I'm excited to try out this range, super excited that it is on the affordable side
and I can tell that the body scrub and conditioner 
will be the first to finish.

Watch out for future posts reviewing the products. 

See you soon. 



*products featured today are PR samples.

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