Friday, April 17, 2020

Hello Again

Soweto, South Africa
Been away for a little while on most of my social media platforms and I have been thinking of a
new direction that I would like to take going forward. The more I think the more
things change around here and the world, so far I don't know if it is for the good or not but
on my side things have just not been great (I won't bore you with the ins and outs 
of my life but I will say that this social distancing dilemma just made things a little 
more challenging on the personal side of things). 

I have been thinking about alot and I have to say the previous year
 I have been working towards the content that
I would like to produce and this isolation period that is upon us 
has made it challenging but in a good way because I now get to be at home and work on the content 
at a greater scale which is awesome. 

The show must go on...

Being in the township during a pandemic/self-isolation time like this is really tricky but
I will get into it at detail on a post that I'm working on that is going up on Tuesday
 (please look forward to it).

My social media is dead. the last post that went up on my YouTube Channel was
in December, Instagram?! I just don't want to think about it LOL but I have to
and will be sharing more content there, but I'm tired of the overly curated feed but still love taking beautiful pictures a balance will need to be establish there.

Typing out this blogpost is therapeutic, it is like I'm in a meeting but with myself and mentality (",)
anywhooo just thought that I should come on here to say Hello Again.

I promise this time I will see you soon.



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