Thursday, April 23, 2020

Underneath My Wig 2020 Edition

Soweto, South Africa
My natural hair took a dive last year June when I stopped breastfeeding 
and a huge chunk came off the middle 
and I thought that I would save the rest of my hair my braiding it and keeping it moisturized 
(well I thought wrong)
my hair just kept shedding and shedding there was not much I could do about it, 
so in November I did my second big chop. 

For months now my hair has been in a state of it can't be braided until March when I 
did my first attempt of my Benny and Betty style 9 line came from it and I'm not complaining because I have to start somewhere. 

I have a very sensitive scalp and I can no-longer have my hair braided by someone else
or I risk saying goodbye to my hairline.
I'm in a total great relief that my hair can now be braided and wigs can lay flatter.

Hope round 2 of my natural hair journey will be captured more in detail, with 
more hair product reviews and all. 

To more healthier hair in 2020

See you soon.



Sunday, April 19, 2020

David Tlale Autumn/Winter 2020/21 Classica Icons Collection

Soweto, South Africa
I rarely feature fashion on my blog and to write up this
blogpost well it is one of those taking a leap of faith typa thing.
I mean the only two things I have in common with the David Tlale brand is the love for the color black and taking major leaps of faith like the The House of David Tlale did  Monday, April 13, when  they launched a new sustainability-friendly and 
Covid-19 compliant Autumn/Winter “Fashion Trend” launch with an entirely digital agenda of content, including a fashion showcase and brand collaborations.

For the first time the fashion maestro that is David Tlale worked in partnership 
with Boschendal Wines and Avon South Africa to digitally showcase his latest Autumn/Winter 2020/21 Collection titled, 

The show streamed LIVE on the 13th of April on the site and also on Avon South Africa YouTube Page (LINK HERE)

Although the show went live at 19:15 it was pre-recorded the fashion show also had a great
call-to-action for the local Clothing and Textile Industry and the fashion community at large to help amplify and bring awareness to 
business sustainability in South Africa, and encourage adherence to the set
 ‘National Lockdown’ regulations. 

With the status of the current global health pandemic creating uncertainty around the world,
staying at home has become essential to ensuring the health and safety of
 the vulnerable in our nation.

The fashion industry, like many sectors of the economy, has taken a knock following the outbreak 
of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. This exhibition showcases the resilience 
we have as a nation and gives us 
the opportunity to market our rich heritage and culture. 

This collection, which bears David’s signature audacious interpretation of print and design, will ensure that our customers can maintain sartorial elegance during the coming season and enhance the
 earning potential for thousands of our Representatives, who are the lifeblood of our business,” says 
Mafahle Mareletse, Managing Director for Avon Turkey, Middle East and Africa

I am proud of the South Africans who have committed to the lockdown regulations and through this showcase,we hope to provide our audience with a diversion from the daily stigma of negativity surrounding our lives. We hope that this collection will motivate everyone to have a positive outlook on life,be inspired and to know that “this too shall pass,” says Tlale.

Tlale also states that the “Classica Icons” Collection - created before the global Covid-19 epidemic - draws a lot of inspiration from his classic design ethos which has helped shape the 
brand’s luxury and bold appeal.

Congratulations on your stunning collection David Tlale



Saturday, April 18, 2020

My Biggest Blogging Obstacles


I can confidently say that I'm my own worst enemy in more ways than one.
Like Elizabeth Gilbert says in Eat Pray Love, 'I have actively participated in every decision of my life", then why do I feel so lost and so bad about it. 
It could be the self-loather in me you can check 
out the enneagram to find out which which personality type you are. 
I'm a type 4 by the way.
Being a type 4 personality that I am, I have find it deep within myself to get out 
of the self loathing state and to actually work hard on the blog and other social media's that I 
have because I'm an individualist and working really hard is what I do. 


Since the lockdown, I find myself doing the same task day in and out and not finding the time to 
blog. The daily tasks would be cleaning, cooking, making sure the family is taken care off then cleaning again. I totally think time is there for me to blog but I'm being selfish and spending it with family and watching TV which was great until the lockdown was extended then bells 
went off in my head (as in will I make it till September with the resources I have).

There was a time I could sit down 3 to 5 hours take pictures, create blogposts 
and even film a few YouTube video
in one go and I would like to get back to that now since I have all the time 
in the world to do it.


When I began this blog it used to be my way of escaping from the world and the world changes daily
and I now have to incorporate that because as much as the blog is an escape I'm at an age where
I can no longer escape reality which is a great thing I just need to find the balance. 

If you know me personally you would know that
I'm very quite and these are some of the things that just go through my head
every now and then. 

Times are changing and Time does not wait 
for no man. 

See you soon, 



Friday, April 17, 2020

Hello Again

Soweto, South Africa
Been away for a little while on most of my social media platforms and I have been thinking of a
new direction that I would like to take going forward. The more I think the more
things change around here and the world, so far I don't know if it is for the good or not but
on my side things have just not been great (I won't bore you with the ins and outs 
of my life but I will say that this social distancing dilemma just made things a little 
more challenging on the personal side of things). 

I have been thinking about alot and I have to say the previous year
 I have been working towards the content that
I would like to produce and this isolation period that is upon us 
has made it challenging but in a good way because I now get to be at home and work on the content 
at a greater scale which is awesome. 

The show must go on...

Being in the township during a pandemic/self-isolation time like this is really tricky but
I will get into it at detail on a post that I'm working on that is going up on Tuesday
 (please look forward to it).

My social media is dead. the last post that went up on my YouTube Channel was
in December, Instagram?! I just don't want to think about it LOL but I have to
and will be sharing more content there, but I'm tired of the overly curated feed but still love taking beautiful pictures a balance will need to be establish there.

Typing out this blogpost is therapeutic, it is like I'm in a meeting but with myself and mentality (",)
anywhooo just thought that I should come on here to say Hello Again.

I promise this time I will see you soon.


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