Monday, February 17, 2020

Mommy Monday | To Potty Train! or Not To Potty Train?

Soweto, South Africa

Hey MOM, well in December when relatives were in town one of them asked how old
Asanda was and I told them 21 months and then they went on to ask,
and she is still not yet potty trained?!
Then they went on to mention to me that their kids were potty trained by 16 months
and blah blah blah blah blah blah
 (that's all I heard after 16 months for real because I have decided to follow
 the let my child tell me route)
and so far it is working for me. 

I haven't began potty training her because she is only now grasping the
 notion of mmmh I just pee'd let me tell Ma
or did a number 2 let me tell Ma, and I don't know what next week brings because
kids grow-up fast and different 
and we as parents we should stop this thing of trying to one up another parent/child
 because it does not get us anywhere. 

Anyways hope you are having a great Monday and see you soon. 



*Let us be kind to one another. 

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