Friday, December 27, 2019

A Fun Christmas Lunch 2019

Soweto, South Africa
Merry Christmas guyzies, hopefully everything went well and that your 
Christmas was just amazing. 
This year I spent Christmas with my two older sisters and our kids
which was just wholesome.
As I get older Christmas means spending time with family
 and eating loads of food. 

My sister was in-charge of the main and dessert dishes however
 I made the starters just to take the pressure off, off her. 
The day went by quick and just before you know it we were all full 
without even eating dessert, the dessert was super 
enjoyable the morning after though. 

The Starter

- Prawns
- Chicken Wings
- Meaty Samoosa's
- Sparkling Wine
- Orange/Guava/Fruit Juice 

The Main

- Turkey
- Gamon
- Sauteed Red Cabbage
- Steammed baby carrots
- Grilled Potatoes
- Tuna & Macaroni
- Green Bean salad
- Gravy

- White &Red wine
- Sparkling wine
- Vodka/Whiskey/Amarula
- Fruit Juice 


(pictures not take because the kids got to it before I could take them)
- Chocolate Cake
- Triffle
- Vanilla Cake
Overall Christmas is a fun time to spend with the family and friends.
Take advantage of it because as the years go by 
the family unit gets smaller and smaller.

Take care guyzies.

See you soon.



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