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Why #ItsEasyWithEats | UberEats Now in Soweto

Soweto, South Africa
Why #ItsEasyWithEats 
I put the app to the test and the results may surprise you 

I’m a foodie at heart and creating, tasting and enjoying the different flavours available to us, on a local scale, amazes me. We have the flavours of the world right at our doorstep, and it doesn’t take much to taste spicy curries inspired by India or sushi from Japan and everything in between.  

For me, while international dishes are captivating and delicious, local will always have a special place in my heart. Be it from the decadently marinated ribs to the fluffy, rich, melt-in-your-mouth pap, you can’t convince me that anything tastes better than a homegrown meal, 
prepared in our own neighbourhood. 

With Uber Eats officially launching here (Soweto) in May, I knew where some of my extra money would be spent. Money well spent might I add. Having my favourite local restaurants available meant that Rib Boys’ famous grilled chicken was just a mere  35 minutes away, which was almost too good to be true. So, I decided to test the app, and see how well it would do against what I needed. 

Downloading the app is super-easy, free and doesn’t require much space (Android users can find it at the Google Play Store, while Apple users can download it from IOS). I set up the app, by signing in with my info from the Uber app. Linking the accounts enabled me to order from Uber Eats, while on a Uber trip.. Functionality at its finest. 
I added in my address, and the app automatically updates with all restaurants available within my area. My heart was happy to see Soweto stalwarts like Chaf Pozi and Just Badela available and ready to order from. I felt for Rib Boys, and the app immediately provided me with the options available. While this particular restaurant  menu isn’t as extensive as the sit-down, it offers the fan favourites, including my own, which is the Combo 4 wings and 4 riblets. I added this to my basket, where the app prompts you to make any special requests. I know I like my chicken a little bit crispy but still tender, so that was my request. I then proceeded to place my order, selecting payment by card, as it’s easier for me (you can pay cash if you prefer) I placed my order at 13:00, wanting to see how well the app would perform during peak periods. 

Once the order went through, I was able to track its process, from my food being made to the delivery-partner on his way to the restaurant to collect it and bring home to me. The app had a suggested delivery time of 13:30, so I had some time to spare while waiting. I used this to check out some of the other offerings, knowing that next on my list was Chaf Pozi and their Snack Plate. The app also easily categorises various eating options from breakfast to fast-food and includes dedicated vegan options as well. The variety is quite extensive and makes navigating a craving (but not sure from where to order) easy and effective. 

I was sent push notifications, at every delivery stage from the app, right up until it was two-minutes from my door, asking me to meet my delivery-partner outside. This notification appeared at 13:24, which was five minutes earlier than the ETA. The delivery-partner was friendly, sported in some Uber Eats swag including a jacket and helmet, making it easy to identify him. 
The food was still warm, nicely packaged and had everything included that I would have received should I have sat down. I had the option of requesting cutlery but I declined as I was at home. I dug into the deliciously marinated riblets, that had the signature sauce I love so much, while my chicken was tender and just a bit crispy! Perfect! After, I was able to provide feedback on the delivery and the taste of the food by rating it a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’. 

Overall, I'm as impressed with the efficiency of the app as I am with its ability to make this process as easy and stress-free as possible. I’m busy with so many things at once, so it's difficult to keep track of what needs to be done. Knowing that my meals are just a few taps away, from a reliable app and a selection of my favourite restaurants, is excellent. I also found a rather useful option, allowing me to schedule an order up to a week in advance, so even if I get caught up in my daily activities, when the doorbell rings, my heart and tummy will smile. 

Well done Uber Eats, on giving us a selection, while still empowering local restaurants to make use of this platform. I look forward to many more orders, from other local favourites! 

It is in fact #EasyWithEats 


*Thank you UberEats for working with InOutandAroundSoweto

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