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Hey guys, hopefully everything is well and okay. 
I have been meaning to do this review for the longest time but I now
feel like the time is right since it is foundation week and all. 

Today I am going in on the new *REVLON PhotoReady Candid Collection
A little side note: Revlon has been killing it with releases theses days and for someone 
like me who focuses on mainly drugstore make-up this makes me happy. They are not only bringing
us limited edition collections but they are also coming through with full collections like the one I'm 
reviewing today. My thoughts on the Candid Collection, let us jump straight into it.

REVLON PhotoReady Rose Glow Hydrating + Illuminating Primer 
For Hydration and Luminosity 

The Claim & Product: 
A water-based primer designed to boost your skin radiance and help it feel hydrated. 
Revlon says that the hydrating formula of the primer is ultra-light and glides on easily
 to help create the prefect dewy finish. 

My Thoughts: 
The packaging is super slick and just draws you in from out far, the light pink bottle
is really doing the things for me, plus the dropper really shows that REVLON really took their
 time to make this one. 
The formula is water based which means it absorbs really quick in the skin, which it does and leaves
behind some "goldish specs". The primer does not fill in any pores it just a hydrating primer
I feel suited more for people with dry skin. 
On first time use the dropper might not work but it is just a reminder for you to
shake the bottle then you will be good to go.

Overall the packaging really sold and the other extras are just a bonus. 

REVLON PhotoReady Rose Glow Hydrating + Illuminating Primer
 For Hydration and Luminosity 
RSP: R249.00

REVLON PhotoReady Candid Antioxidant Concealer

The Claim & Product: 
REVLON says that this a skincare-inspired concealer to correct under eyes,
infused with antioxidant, anti-pollution
and anti-blue light ingredients to help reduce the signs of aging and prevent
against the damaging effects of 
pollution. REVLON also says that the concealer is ultra-blendable, buildable
and medium to a full coverage. 

My thoughts: 
The packaging for the concealer is slick as it allows for easy pick up of the product.
The oval doe-foot applicator picks up a lot of product in one go which makes 
for great application especially around the under eye area. 
The concealer applies really smooth, does not dry up quickly which allows for a really easy blend. 
The concealer comes in 12 shades the lightest being shade 022 Sand and the darkest
being shade 075 Hazelnut.

The shades that I use are 065 Cafe for a bright under eye and when
I like to keep in natural I go in with shade 070 Nutmeg
and for a slight contour I go in with shade 075 Hazelnut. 
RevlonSA could have more shades in the concealer realm like 2 more darker shades after 075 Hazelnut, one or two shades between 075 Hazelnut and 070Nutmeg
however that is my opinion. 
I like how the concealer and doe-foot applicator is really on top there with 
some of the best applicators I've used. 

RSP : R149.99
Launch price R129.99 valid until 16 September 2019

REVLON PhotoReady Candid Natural Finish Anti-Pollution Foundation

The Claim & Product: 
The foundation is build as an extension to your skincare. 
Has a natural finish, with a thick and creamy texture. 
The formula is skincare inspired to apply like a moisturizer
and blends invisibly to even out skin tone weightlessly.

My Thoughts: 
The foundation packaging is really similar to the concealer, however this one has a pump. 
I would say that the foundation is a light to medium foundation buildable yes
 but to a medium coverage, to keep things
short I would say that this one is a true medium coverage foundation. 
It is a liquid foundation and gives off a natural finish which is great for everyday work-school.
 One pump moisturiser, one or two pumps foundation and you will be good to go.

The foundation comes in 12 shades the lightest is 200 Nude and the darkest being 560 Espresso. 
The foundation comes in 31 shades in total however REVLONSA decided to bring in 12 shades maybe to test out our market and stuff who knows, maybe they will bring
 out more shades at a later stage. 
The foundation is really great for your true make-up no make-up days,
 the formula is light covers your foundation well
however not sheer. I would say if you are a student or have a busy schedule and have no time to do 
a face that takes more than 5 minutes to make, then this foundation is for you. 

RSP : R149.99
Launch price R129.99 valid until 16 September 2019

REVLON PhotoReady Candid Anti-Pollution Setting Powder 

The Claim & Product: 
The powder is lightweight helps blurs imperfections, leaving skin with a natural-looking finish. 
Available in three universally translucent shaes with a built-in sifter,
lightly sets makeup and reduces shine.
The 3 shades are 001 Light, 002 Medium, 003 Dark

My Thoughts: 
The first things that drew me into this setting powder was the launch price 
of R129.99, secondly how finely milled the texture was and ofcoz the 3 shades. 
I use 002 and 003 frequently. The powder plays well with the concealer and is non drying and does not leave especially the under-eye are looking dehydrated 
(if you have used a powder you most definitely know the feeling)

If you are looking into getting in the translucent powder game I suggest that you try out the powders. 

RSP : R149.99
Launch price R129.99 valid until 16 September 2019

My Final Thoughts
REVLON came out with guns blazing when it did this collection,
 if REVLON Insta-filter had a baby
the Candid Collection would be one (",). 
I'm happy with the price and the whole aesthetic of this collection. 
Judging from my social media this collection is a firm favourite and will be on the 
look out for an extended shade range launch in the future as this collection
is great for the young and old. 

Hope you enjoyed reading my review as much as I did writing it out. 

Shop the entire collection : HERE

Hope to see you soon. 



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