Monday, August 26, 2019

Review | LA Girl Pro Matte HD

Soweto, South Africa

Hey guys welcome back to the blog, long time no posts but other than
sharing with you my boring life updates I would just rather do what I do 
best and that is content creation. 

I love wearing foundations and the more affordable/drugstore, full coverage the better. 
This week I will be tackling a few foundations as there have been a lot of 
exciting launches lately which I'm super excited for, plus some foundations that
 I have been meaning to try 
blog/vlog about but I couldn't hence Foundation Week
(as I aim to bring the best new foundations Clicks and Dischem have to offer us).

Today I'm reviewing the LA Girl Pro Matte Foundation
 as I got to try it out this Winter. 
The claim: 
LA Girl claims the following regarding the foundation 
Medium to full coverage. 
Smooth long wear suede finish. 

The product: 
LA Girl foundation comes with a pump and the container is glass. 
I know a brand has invested well in a product when they also invest in a glass container,
this makes us drugstore make-up buyers really happy. 

My experience: 
A pump should be standard when it comes to foundations and I'm really
happy that this LA Girl Foundation comes 
with one. Two pumps for a medium coverage would do however I also pump
one more extra for a full coverage. 
The foundation does say medium to a full coverage and the claim is true. 
The foundation dries matte I would suggest that you go in with a moisturizing primer or else dry patches might comes through especially
if you are trying to cover up some blemishes or have dry skin like me. 

My verdict:
The foundation is a firm favorite, the packaging, the coverage and the wear is great. 
If you are looking to extend your foundation game,
 I would suggest that you give this one a try. 

Thank you soo much for reading my review.

RSP: R 179.00


See you soon. 



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