Friday, June 7, 2019

New Feature | Food Fridays? Cinnamon and Sugar Doughnuts

Soweto, South Africa
Hey guyzies, Hope all is well.
Cindy here (Zanele's Older sister) last month we received a Royal Baking Powder PR package
containing some baking powder and a recipe book.
Zanele is not much of a cooker nor a baker  LOL as I am.

Being a big sister that I am who loves baking and cooking,I loved that the
PR package came with a recipe book so it was game on.
Challenge accepted.

Affordable convenient everyday kasi yet delicious, easy to make food that is my jam.
What I also love about this recipe book is that any one can learn to bake from scratch,
that baking is not complicated or expensive.
As long as you know how to measure correctly your baking can come out
 perfect and yummy.

On today's post I got to attempt a CINNAMON AND SUGAR DOUGHNUTS recipe,
with the twist as being the foodie that I am.
Winter is here and we love to induldge in warm yet delicious food.


I substituted the Cinnamon with Mixed Spice as it is delicious with baking and also has Cinnamon.
Baking doughnuts for the first time was very easy and very quick.
(It's like cooking amagwinya (fat cakes) without the wait time).
You just have to make sure that your oil is hot enough, and no kids in the kitchen (please).

Can't wait to bake other cakes on the recipe book,
as most of the cakes contain everyday ingredients that are already in the kitchen cupboard. 
I like that I don't have to worry about going out to buy some extra ingredients and break the bank.

I so enjoyed making this feature for the blog,
I think I might make this a regular thing.

See you soon.



*My Royal Recipes and Royal Baking Powder were sent for PR consideration. 

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