Monday, April 29, 2019

Mommy Monday | Wash Day with PURITY

Soweto, South Africa
Hey Mommies, hope all is well and okay.
Last week there was no posts because I'm trying to change the blog direction and there are alot of factors involved so please be patient with me.
so without wasting any of your time let us jump straight into this weeks post.

Rubybox sent over a huge *PURITY pack a few weeks back and I just wanted to
 share with you how I use each product.
Seat back and enjoy.

My babies wash routine is pretty simple and then there are days when I like going
 extra and those days are when I wash her hair.

I normally was Asanda's Hair twice weekly so I thought that I should share the routine using the products that were sent to me by PURITY.
She has her own conditioner oil water solution  that I use on the daily to make sure her hair
 is always soft and easy to comb out, this
makes it easy for me to untie her hair during wash days. Today to wash her hair
 I'm using the Purity Detangling Baby Shampoo
a little goes a long way and the shampoo is not that drying however I will still
 recommend that you go in with a conditioner after.
While she is still in her bath I like to comb out her hair then tie it there while it is still damp and while she is also pre-occupied with her toys, then I apply
some baby oil to her hair. 
That's is it.

After doing Asanda's hair I like to go in and use the Purity Special Baby Shampoo to wash her body, the shampoo is not heavily scented
however it does create a lot foam which I like.
Once she is dried up I like going in with a bit of baby oil and some aqueous cream and because it is winter now and she is at that crawling and walking age I like
going in with some petroleum jelly especially on the knee area.
If you are an extra Mom like me then these 3 extra items will be an essential in your self-care kit.

PURITY Stretch Mark Cream, Nipple Cream and Insect Repellent
I will do a post on them in the coming future. 

Have an awesome day. 



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