Thursday, April 11, 2019

Major Announcement | Blogging FullTime

Hey guyzies, I have a major announcement and it has been long time coming.
I have been stuck doing the same job with different companies for over 10 years,
you see change was there however there was no progress. 

In a life's moment where I made a decision not to follow through somethings in my 8 to 5
which now have lead me to this moment of taking sometime off to reflect and work on myself. 

After my mom's death in 2014 a part of me died with her, my eagerness to push through in life
also took a step back, I began self medicating with food, staying in unhealthy relationships 
(both work and personal)
which has been really bad for my health. 

For a while I let my life go on auto pilot, being afraid to take any chances,
 build new relationships and take care of myself. 

You know that panic attack that I had in January, it was a wake-up call and I kept asking myself 
what should I be waking up from and recently I found the answer 
and it is that I need to start taking charge of my life
because no one else will. I'm a mom now and now more than ever
 I need to see major progress in my life. 

Blogging over the years, has been something that has been consistent in my life and I would like to 
progress it more at this present moment, give it my all and let God do the rest. 

I know that this post is everywhere however it is my aaaha moment. 

If maybe you can leave a comment below and tell me what your aaaha moment was and if it was the best decision you have ever taken. 

See you soon. 



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