Saturday, April 13, 2019

Beauty Event | Beauty Revolution 2019

Soweto, South Africa
Hey guyzies, hope all is well and okay.
The amount of pictures in this post are just ridiculous but I wanted for you to
see everything that I saw and did.

I first heard of Beauty Revolution (a beauty convention held in Sandton Convention Center  6th and 7th April ) event on radio, when one of
the event organizers was doing a radio interview on YFM
and I was like BeautyCon (A beauty convention held every year in the States and UK) is that you?
I then checked their site and Instagram pages for
more information and I saw their line up and I was like yeap.
This is it, this event I'm most definitely going to.

I kept an eye out on their Instagram page for specials and all.
Then they said if you are a Blogger, YouTuber, Instagramer you can
apply for a media pass which I did and I got it a week before the event.

I wanted to make sure that I arrived really early on the Saturday, because that is what I like
to do when I go to any event, you know just to take
pictures and stuff before everyone else gets there and that's what I did I'm sure
I arrived at like 9am and it was not that busy except for like the SwiitchBeauty stand (they were busy
throughout the whole day selling products #amazing)

When I tell you that the pictures that I took do not do justice to the set up that was there.
every brand that I mostly enjoy within the drugstore realm was there.
Their set up was just beautiful, and well thoughtout, my expectations
were meet and exceeded guys.

What I can maybe add for next years event is the following:

An announcer especially for masterclasses and main events on stage,
if there was one I did not see/hear it.
Can we also get the main stage at the convention center, so we can see all
the brands thoroughly and because as the day
went on  crowds grew and there was a bit of minimal space. (I'm sure even the brands themselves
would want to have some chairs within their display area so that they can have
a place were they can demo their products to their consumers)
More chairs at the main stage because the discussions/talks that were
there needed to be heard thoroughly as they were very engaging and I learned a lot.

Overall I'm really happy that we as the beauty community
have an event like this and oh oh oh the amount of influencers/bloggers/youtubers that
I met on the day was really awesome.
 I will mention a few VONGAI, YOLZCHANNEL, SARA LANGA,
ILOVEMELMO, SANESH and my girl who
I was chilling with the whole day VANESSA.

Overall I was a very happy girl in make-up heaven.

See you soon


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