Saturday, February 2, 2019

My First Panic Attack

Soweto, South Africa
Good morning, I hope your Saturday is off to a great start, I wanted to interrupt regular programing to bring to you a life event that occurred last week Sunday around midnight when I actually thought I was dying.

So midnight all I heard around my chest area was a huge (guuuu sound) and then I had a major sharp pain. I couldn’t scream nor do anything and on my right hand side was my baby Asanda and I just began praying and crying.

Went to the kitchen drank some water and still the pain would not let go. I laid there in the dark wondering what this huge pain was and fell asleep (as I type this I'm like yeah right Zanele sleeping while your dying must be nice). As I woke up in the morning to go to work the pain was just too much to bare so I went to the doctor.

I get to the doctor and the first thing that she asked me was “how old was I?” and replied 29 as I continued to tell the doctor about this huge pain and she laughed it off slightly and said that was a PANIC ATTACK, me no why, never.

So as I write this now I know what triggered the panic attack that Sunday and it was news from a very close person in my life that brought me pain last year and I guess I haven’t yet healed from that situation and this situation will take me time to heal.

3 Things I Take Away From My First Panic Attack

1.     Identify the trigger (why did I go to bed feeling hurt to the point that my body and brain were still in shock from the situation)
2.      Don’t take it personally (because these news triggered me then my day was ruined and couldn’t function anymore, situation has occurred and there is 
nothing I can do about it.  
3.     Being More Self-aware (I’m glad that I actually identified the actual trigger of the situation and next time will handle my mini attack a bit better).

In coming weeks will go more in self-awareness because
 it has to deal with growth of the mind, because this year we
are not only growing in years but mentally as well. 

See you soon



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