Monday, February 4, 2019

Mommy Monday | Being a Mom Juggling Me, Baby and Everything Else

Soweto, South Africa
Good morning, eish this one is a bit hard to type out because I’m busy it’s a Saturday and Asanda has my hands full. She is at the crawling eat everything on the floor, mommy I wanna stand but cannot stand on my own phase, cry because I feel like it stage
 and I’m tired.

My first love when it comes to this social media business is blogging and over the past year I have been struggling to find my feet again because reviewing products day in and out was no longer cutting it for me, because I have evolved as a person.

Sometimes we need to be honest with ourselves in terms of where we are in life and the things we still need to fulfill. As a new Mom I sometimes forget that 
and I want to loose weight now, get this now do this now and 
it can be very overwhelming sometimes.

Eeem being a mom is hard and when it comes to having a blog, youtube situation it does get tricky. My sister currently takes care of my baby during the week and I can’t be asking her to take care of the baby while I do a quick tutorial for my YouTube Channel over weekends because that would be pushing it. Whether I like it or not my hobby is now my part time job as it does bring in a few rands every now and then which means I have to be smart about it and do laundry at night take pictures at work 
and all but I have to make it work.
Not to overwhelm myself but I think the following will apply on the blog going forward.
Monday (Mommy Monday, Tuesday something about skincare, Wednesday Wellbeing, Thursday Hair, Friday beauty and when I’m feeling extra I will throw in a post on Saturday and Sunday).

Then the YouTube Schedule will be as follows: (Monday Makeup I wore at work, Wednesday a review, Friday another review and demo).

Since I’m putting it out there I truly hope that this comes into flourishing and I keep my focus going (because I don’t want another panic attack LOL).

See you soon guys.



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