Thursday, February 14, 2019

Hair - 2 Year Natural Hair Update

Soweto, South Africa
December 2017
Hello Guyzies last week I shared with you that I’m on a healthy hair journey but I feel like we need to go back to the beginning so that I can track my progress with you.

I have to add that my hair could be sooo much longer but then I decided to bleach it 2 years back (June 2017 and I regretted it immediately) now that I look back on it was the pregnancy hormones getting the best of me, I didn’t even know I was pregnant at that time I think I was around 2 weeks 3 weeks into it. It’s been a struggle however I’m glad to say that most
of that fragile hair is now gone and I can focus on the healthy bits.
January 2019
Another thing that I was hoping wouldn't happen was post-partum shedding and thank goodness nothing huge came off,which I’m grateful.
So right now how I style my hair is in a Benny and Betty style wash/conditioner it every two weeks and apply my hair foods and oils.
This year I would really like to wear my hair out a lot and not depend on wigs.
I will be watching an lot of hair tutorial, and one blogger that I have been watching is
 ((Miriam Maulana (Beauty & Hair Vlogger)) and I toughly enjoy hair channel and how informative it is when it comes to detailed tutorials.

Overall I’m quite excited with my hair journey.
Please do tell me are you a natural hair girl or relaxed hair is the way for you. Do you have any channels that you would like to recommend for me to watch?

Thank you soo much for coming through.

Enjoy your day.



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