Friday, February 1, 2019

2019 Blog and YouTube Goals

Soweto, South Africa
Hello babes hope you are well and okay.

I know I have some explaining to do. January no posts WHAT?
Explanations will unveil as I plan on being more open this year.

On today's post I would like to share with you some of my blogging goals as I believe that when setting out clear goals the outcomes will also be clear.

So here is the thing I have been slacking and I apologize, being a new mom has
hit me by surprise as the little time I had for blogging and doing YouTube now goes to my baby. I will go into being a working/playing/blogging Mom in tomorrow’s post 
today we just sharing goals:

- Would like to blog consistently with post that are more in-depth and more educational

- Have a reasonable post schedule (That being said I would like to continue to blog Monday till Friday)

- Reach 1 000 000 page views (With me blogging more I think this is possible, that would equals to +/- 3000 pageviews a day my current being +/-5 00 pageviews #wishmeluck)

- Include work from other bloggers (Written in-depth pieces not just random
 meaningless blogposts).

- Have Fun (Enjoy writing again), in a world of is my feed better than yours, like this picture and not this, follow me and not her, I’m better than her why was she chosen for this campaign. I would like to bring you back to the simple things of life.

-         Would like to Post More Consistently (Monday, Wednesday and Fridays) would work best for me. (I also hate it when my favorite vlogger only posts at random).

-          5 000 subbies please (“,), with being consistent I think this would be possible.

-         Create content that is more fun, educational and gets you thinking.

-         Enjoy doing it, for me Blogging and YouTubing has been a space where I can go to escape from my reality and would like to keep it that way.

Hope January was good but let’s start working.

See you soon.



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