Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Selfcare Tips ft Revlon Pink Happiness CrushOnYou plus Giveaway ***closed***

Hey guys, hope all is well and okay. 
Today I'm sharing with you my thoughts on the REVLON Pink Happiness Crush on You fragrance,
 I will also add some self care tips because even though we might not agree on it 2018 has been one of those challenging years 
for me and doing a little bit of "me time" helped me alot. 

The reason behind the fragrance: 
There's a little space inside every woman where dreams of pure simple love can be found
- untainted by the pressure
of the adult world. Escape into this world and explore your romantic dreams. A world of unadulterated love - tinted with Pink Happiness. 
The Claim: 
A blend of warm, oriental scents, infused with a burst of sweet fruity notes 
and a delicate touch of vanilla. 
The fragrance has touches of grapefruit, blackcurrant and apricot which means its a very sweet fragrance but not over powering because of the oriental spices.

The product:
If you are familiar with REVLON's Pink Happiness First Love, Pink Happiness Crush on You is the older more mature sister, who has had her heart broken, some goals not achieved and is not going to give up and is learning to take care of herself and 
learning to put herself first; and choosing to love yourself isn't vanity, it's sanity. 
My top 5 Self-Care Tips: 

De-cluttering: Nothing gives me more joy than a clean easy to work on area. 
Masking and Chilling: Whether I wear a 3 minute or 30 minute mask I like taking a few minutes off just sitting and being quite and just reflect. 
Planning:Lately planning my day or weekly posts for the blog has done wonders for me because I can be more focused the daily tasks that need to be done first.  
Chilling or Eating out: Aaah the sweetness of doing nothing, sometimes as women we tend to be guilty when we take time off but going out with friends and family does bring a little happiness because we take a little break from routine daily tasks like cooking and cleaning 
Spending time with kiddio: Spending real time with my baby other than focusing on a million things like laundry, cellphone and other million things we do around the house. 
Love yourself first and everything else falls into place. Who better to Crush on that yourself?
Please let me know what being #BeYourOwnObsession means to you and how to you 
practice self-care. 


Please share with me, what does self-care means to you?
By either commenting below or sharing a picture of your choice and
tagging myself @zanelemondi, @revlonsa and using #CrushOnYou #BeYourOwnObsession

See you soon

*post proudly brought to you by RevlonSA

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