Friday, June 1, 2018

June In Review

Soweto, South Africa
Winter is here and it is just getting colder and colder. 
The fact that my maternity leave is also coming to an end later this month is also just killing me. 
I just want to make the most of the two weeks that I still got at home you know, create some real good content for the blog, bond even more with my family and spend even more time with my baby. 
Why can't I just win the Lotto and stay at home, lol. 

June for the blog will hopefully be still filled with posts.
However I still keep on procrastinating starting that weightloss journey hey. 
With only 5 months left till December I need to start losing weight because I wanna take cute pics at the beach this year you know.
Is that too much to ask for?!, to add on that stress my work clothes nolonger fit, I'm just a mess. 

All I ask is, 
June please be good to us. 

Please stay tuned for more posts.



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