Monday, June 4, 2018

Mommy Monday | Baby Powders vs Baby Bum Creams

Soweto, South Africa
Aaah the old-age question, powders vs bum creams. 
I have become so obsessed with everything that my baby touches and comes across, must be that motherly instinct they talk about. 

Changing diapers also comes with being motherly, one advice I got from my sister was to make sure that the baby does not get any diaper rash, or ngizozwa (hell will break loose). 
While changing her diaper the other day I was like, mmmh what's the difference between powder and cream, ooh boy! Google gave me asnswers alright. 

I always gravitate towards the cream (mainly because I have big boobs and during summer the underboo area sometimes gets irritated used to use baby powder 
but it was just not effective as a soothing cream, I know right one would think that powders are more effective than creams) with that TMI let's get back to the talk.

So back to creams and powders, for me I will always be a cream person but 
I don't have a problem with powders. 
Maybe at a later stage I will start using powders but for now bum creams win. 

Some tips on bum creams. 
Always apply on clean dry skin. 
Apply in the whole nappy area. 
Use after every nappy change (so as to avoid the nappy rash). 

Everyone does this parenting thing very different to the next
and I hope that you enjoyed my talk, as I didn't want to include all
the speculations on powders vs creams because it can go on and on. 

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

See you soon. 



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