Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Gosh guys, I have been working on getting an empties post up for a while now. 
I just thought that I should share my mini thoughts on each empty....and will I re-purchase/ replenish them again, well I don't know!!!. 
Please keep on reading. 

Garnier Micellar Water: At first I used to brag about this product as it is made for people with dry skin like mine and now I'm on the fence lol, here is why when I first used it I was happy with the oil and all blah blah blah blah and now the oil
turns out to be my worst enemy this just dries up my skin and and when left long enough to dry before I moisturize then it becomes ashy.... 
You most def need to immediately continue your skincare routine after using this. 

Beaucience Cleansing Gel: This product is most def getting a repurchase I use the whole bottle because the cleanser never irritated my eyes, (I have the most sensitive eyes in the world). Love the pump, the bottle and everything. If you want a detailed review
please do say, I will do this one. 

Clere Radiance Oil Control: I have other great cleansers that work great, I will give 
this one a pass on my next shopping run.

African Extract 3-in-1 Wash, Scrub & Mask: This product got me into masks, I like that you can use it as a scrub, wash and mask and it smells great (for me) 
affordable and the tube carries alot of product.

African Extract Toner: This toner I was soo terrified that it will burn my face (my first toner experience killed other toners for me) however I was happy cause that didn't happen. 
I like this toner because it didn't burn my face LOL, and it affordable it is one of the best toners on the drugstore, (would I replenish I would say yes cause it is also affordable and works). 
Savlon: I'm not really a fan of Antiseptics they just have their own distinctive smell that is just so over powering however they remind me of my mom and she used to swear by
them. When I gave birth apparently you need to use it, I don't know why (need to Google and do some research), will I repurchase (I have already), 
they just have that throw back smell that I can't let go off as yet. . 

Avroy Shlain Roll-on: Please don't buy this product, it is just full of alcohol and it will burn your under arms. However their Coppellia Intense Parfum that you can buy. 

Justine Tabesheer Bloom: Rather buy this one, cause it smells great and won't burn you in the process. 

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray: If you are pregnant do yourself a favor and get this spray and thank me later, if you are always tired to moisturize get this spray,
 if you just want to moisturize in 1/2 the time get this spray. 
BLM Natural Curl Wake-Up Hydrate: When I bought this one I was like NO it won't work and it also most def did prove me wrong, my natural hair was always soft and hydrated, 
buy this when you have braids and you are looking to add moisture and volume to your hair. 

Pure Royal Hair Mayonnaise: Guys let us be honest natural hair is more taxing than relaxed hair and I say this cause finally we are happy that our hair is not falling off in numbers and we are taking good care of it that we buy so many products to make sure our hair is well kept and I would say you need to use this product maximum 3 times ,
NIVEA Hand Cream: I love a good hand cream and this NIVEA hand cream is a good one. The fragrance in it is not over powering and it
is compact meaning you can carry it around everywhere. 

AfricanExtract Spot Treatment: This one I would give it a miss, it does not work as fast as I want my spot treatment to work. A good spot treatment for me works over night and by over night I mean in 6 hours the sign of a new pimple needs to have 
gotten down dramatically and this product didn't do that for me. 
Rimmel Lasting Finish: This foundation is the best affordable foundation on the market, yeap I said it. It is thick, full coverage , affordable I can go on and on about the foundation however I have a dedicated post about it coming soon on the blog (stay tuned). 

LA Girl PRO setting spray: Your make-up stays in place the whole day and gets rid of the cakeyness plus it's affordable, so please do get it. 

Essence fixing spray: Also does what it claims, and keeps your make-up in place plus it's affordable, so get it. 

That's it for my current empties, hope you enjoyed my post. 

Which empties have you tried before and did you like them, would like to know?

Have an awesome day. 

See you soon



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