Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Week Ahead Post

Soweto, South Africa
Sunday night Twitter is savage I tell you, like the few who did tweet 
I'm glad Minnie's Wedding is airing on Compact cause there was a moment there
I thought of upgrading but I couldn't motivate myself and the budget was
just not agreeing with me.

Date My Family really size 12 I choose to disagree Lucas!!!

Our Perfect Wedding, I was watching but not watching but
I got a glimpse of the beautiful bride, from what I can
tell next week will be on fire. 

On the blog side, I'm glad to say I have a weeks worth of posts loaded and this
will be for the first time this year, slowly but surely working towards the good stuff. 

Great news I finally got a new laptop picked it out on Friday and I'm just happy. 
You will see my laptop struggle on an upcoming vlog. 

See you soon. 



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