Monday, March 26, 2018

New In | Blonde Hair Who Dis?!

Soweto, South Africa
New Hair Who Dis?! LOL hey guys, hope you have been well and okay. 
Being a new mother and blogging is just something else, I meaning I'm like typing right now and my baby has just decided to wake up--hold up please...., I'm back she just wanted to be turned. 

So since I have natural hair (hold up she is waking up again I think, let me quickly attend to her will be back... LOL sometimes I feel like I should be vlogging this being a new parent isn't a joke). 

So back to the hair.... as most of you know I have natural hair underneath my wig and it is growing sooo well my hair is a dream like all the hair is there. I plan on doing a natural hair series on the blog in future like do in-depth reviews and stuff as I have touched on my natural hair routines before but they were just a tip of the iceburg,
 so make sure you are subscribed to the blog and YouTube channel. 

The hair I have on is from StyleDiva which can be found at most malls around the country, the unit is called BrownSugar and it is a Lace Front Wig...This is the only wig I get from StyleDiva as the other I don't think are durable for daily use except for their Brazilians 

The unit price is R1199.00 and I think it is worth the buy. 

Let's give the wig 3 to 6 months and see how it does. 

P.S. This week is NEW IN  week so will be sharing items that I bought or PR sent 
so I can get on the swing of logging again. 

Are you a wig person?

See you soon



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