Tuesday, March 13, 2018

3 Top Tips on Applying A Concealer

Soweto, South Africa
Hey guys, hope all is well and okay, today I thought that I should do a post all about concealers and share some tips with you.... Should you want me to do reviews on the pictured concealers please let me know cause the NYX concealer has been calling for a review but I haven't been feeling like sharing it cause I have been struggling with using it. 

I did this post back in 2015 and I'm like let me share an updated post. 

**Apply foundation and then concealer**
I prefer applying a foundation first then a concealer as this not only helps covering the dark circles underneath my eye area but it also helps with keeping my under eye area bright.
***Update you can also use a color correct before foundation which will elevate your make-up into a new level

**Do not just dab the concealer beneath your eyes, instead draw a triangle**
While most of us just apply a tiny coat directly underneath the eye area, the way that I do it is to draw to a triangle with the base *or some sort*.  The triangle method effortlessly camouflages my under eye dark circles and gives me that brightness that I need.
**Update this not only makes your concealer look seamless but makes your face look a few pounds lighter.

**Prime your eyelids with concealer to prevent eye shadow bleeding**
I don't need to explain this the heading speaks for itself.
**Other than spending a whole lot of money on eyelid primers rather make use of this step and thank me later.

Hope that your day goes well and use that concealer. 



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