Friday, February 23, 2018

Let 2018 Begin.... Again!!!

Soweto, South Africa

Hey fam, Let 2018 Begin.... Again!!! LOL it might seem as if  I dropped the ball in 2018 no no no no I'd never do that I just needed to deal with life.
Life as in the brokenness January brings and all the heartaches February 
brings so time off was needed to recuperate.

Okay Okay Okay let's get serious and catch-up again.

If you didn't know this (the blog has new contributors) and they were very green behind the ears as they didn't know much about blogging other than the freebies bloggers get, so since they have been onboard they have see how much hard work goes behind the scenes and I'm glad to say they are finally... I would say okay to start sharing posts here on the blog and if you see xxIntokazy or xxCindy then posts will be 100% written by them but I will still have a say because "what would Runway be with Miranda Priestly" 

Content will be very different because at present is 90% beauty 10% everything else I would like to share things equally... This I can't explain and all I can say is 
you will just have to read/watch and see. 

Social media changes? Yes there will be alot of changes to all the social media pages as I (ZaneleMondi) don't want to be the only name behind In Out & Around Soweto Blog and I want the pages to reflect that, I might be wrong here but it's worth the try because one has to broaden their horizons a bit.  

Other things you will see change as time progresses 
and please wish the blog luck as it takes a new journey. 

Thank you so much for making it this far. 

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Till tomorrow. 


Zanele Mondi

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