Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February 2018 | You Have Been Great

Soweto, South Africa
For me the blog has been a space we're I can run away from reality and just create content that I can still recognize in my reality. 
This month has been tough, however I'm glad that I began blogging again. Thank you soo much for the readership that continues to grow and March is going to be great.

See you soon. 

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

2018 | Make-Up - Skin - Hair Storage Ideas

Soweto, South Africa
Hey guys, hope that your Monday is off to a great start today I'm sharing with you a post mainly about my current storage situation, I did film a video for the YouTube Channel however the editing software just could not seem to convert it, and I tried rebooting
 my laptop numerous times with no luck. 
I will just take this as a sign that the video is not due yet and I will just try re-filming
 and editing it some other time. 

So for now I will just share the storage part
 (from lipstick tower all the way right to the white flowers). 

1. Lipstick Tower - Clicks - Out of Stock
2, Nailpolish Lipstick Tower - SHOP : Clicks
3. Mini Stack-able Drawers - TheBeautyBoxSA
4. Make-Up Brushes Holder - Old Glass Jars
5. 3 Drawer Slimeline Storage - GAME
6. White Roses - Mr Price Home
7. Vase Glass Cylinder - Mr Price Home
8. Candle Older  - (similar) - Mr Price Home

Hope you have enjoyed my mini storage post and it has given you a tiny idea
 on storing your make-up in 2018

See you soon



*links provided are just for information and I carry no affiliations with the companies linked. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Chilling at the New Kwa-Ndabezitha Restaurant

Soweto, South Africa
Hi Bazala!!

So we where at home sitting and minding our own business gossiping about probably nothing until we heard an advert on our favorite local radio station JOZI FM
 about a new restaurant opening in Soweto catering African cuisine.

Since we are big lovers of food we thought that we should give it a try since it is locally based. 
So this past Saturday we went to Kwa-Ndabezitha that is the name of the African themed restaurant located in Kwezi, Soweto.
 They offer a variety of South African dishes such as Mogodu, Uphuthu Namasi, etc 
and also they serve alcohol.

Idada (a duck) was also on the menu.
Top things we loved about the place:
-The owner of place was very welcoming and made the run around to make sure that 
everyone was  served on time.
-The food was authentically South African, and there were no unnecessary spices added
to ruin the taste of the food.
- The music was marvelous, and kept us dancing the whole time.
-Their prices are so reasonable from the food to the drinks.
Top things we did not like about the place 
-Since it was the first day we expected a few hick ups as the place is still new, but there are a few things that they have to fix, (sorry guys but we have to share the good and the bad). 

-  Adding more toilets because at the moment there 
is only one for each gender.
-We also did not like the fact that we have to carry cash to go there,
 which is so uncomfortable (adding speed points would be great).
-There is limited parking space, so you have to get there early 
otherwise uzo paka kwamakhelwane.

Overall we had a great afternoon/evening and we would recommend this place
if you are looking to eat food that is fresh ad won't cost you 
alot of money. 

We have also made a vlog on the YOUTUBE CHANNEL
please have a look at it, don't forget to like and subscribe. 

Till next time


Intokazy & Cindy

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Claiming Your UIF - Maternity Leave

Soweto, South Africa
Hey guys, I'm just loading posts here on the blog as they come and being a first time mom I just need to share these with you because sharing is caring. 

I don't know how to start this, but I will just share pointers as they come 
and not in any chronological order. 

Apply for maternity leave at work on time:
By month 5 I feel like we know when we gonna take maternity leave, but for me month 7 going to 8 that is when you know your body for sure. 
Applying for maternity leave early allows for your company to make plans for your position (some companies hire a temp, while others you just need to hand over your projects to someone else).

Maternity Benefits:
LOL this one makes me laugh cause I had my fair share of working for companies that have 0% benefits to some that offer 100% benefits, cause for a while I would change jobs alot (that caught up with me though ((that makes me fall under the really tricky group)). 

On company maternity benefits it is always best that you check your contract and HR so you can make an informed decision when it comes to claiming for your UIF. 

Claiming for Maternity UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund): 
This one is really tricky or simple depending on how you look at it or how many jobs you have hopped in the past 4 to 5 years.. 
Lets start of with simple, most HR departments will draft out some papers for you to take along to make the claim, at the Department of Labour they will give you a form that your bank needs to stamp and you wait approximately 35 business days for the funds to be allocated in your account for a period of 4 months. 

The really tricky, your HR department gives you the forms still, when you get to the Department of Labour to claim you find out that your previous employers never updated your end date status with the Department of Labour and now you have to take forms called the U-19 or something like that gives your previous employers a chance to sign and mind you some of these previous places that you used to work for may no longer want to see you lol, and to add on top of that you are highly pregnant. 
I wish you luck on this one.

Summary:(Documents needed) 
- Maternity Forms (obtained from HR)
-When you get there they will give you a form that your bank needs to fill in and stamp.
(as if you will give out another persons bank details)
- Depending on the Department of Labour you use, all of this can be done on the same day. 

Things a pregnant women needs to take along: 
- Your own tissue and sanitary wipes. 
- Bottled water
- Snacks (cause you never know how long you might be there). 
- Power bank (cause you might need to start complaining on Twitter)
- Patience (cause again, the lines might be very long). 
- Don't forget your ID cause they will need it. 

Hopefully this will assist you on your journey to claiming your UIF
 and remember to enjoy your pregnancy. 

See you soon. 



Saturday, February 24, 2018

What's In My Hospital Bag?

Happy Saturday, just thought that I should do this post today cause my days are numbers as I will be dropping the baby any moment now and also I have been going back and forth on whether to share this very life changing moment in my life and I'm like why not. 

So rather late than never this won't be a series but I will share on the blog and the YouTube Channel my experiences on being a first time mom and all, I hope you do enjoy it. 

I was never really interested in people's pregnancies because firstly my culture (it's considered rude to ask people about how far along they are and stuff) and secondly I really thought I was the type that would never have children and I was okay with that also....So things like Hospital Bags never interested me, but hey things change (",)

I think that the items that are in my bag are faily modest and okay and, today I searched Hospital Bags on Pinterest OMG people bring a lot.... 
I have also done a mini vlog on the YouTube Channel, please have a look on it and tell me what you think about the items that are there... are they okay or too much?

- For Mommy:
Dr Whites
Linen Saver

- Baby
Baby Vests (alot)
Baby Crawlers (alot)
Baby wipers (not sure how many packs they need here? so I took two packs)
Wrapping blanket
Baby Hat

Now that I look at the list it is not as bad I thought at first, and all these items I will need at home still so I guess it's the hospitals way of making one prepared for their future. 

My two older sisters had babies before and I guess I should have paid more attention, but I guess one is never prepared for anything until it hits home. 

Till Tomorrow



Friday, February 23, 2018

Let 2018 Begin.... Again!!!

Soweto, South Africa

Hey fam, Let 2018 Begin.... Again!!! LOL it might seem as if  I dropped the ball in 2018 no no no no I'd never do that I just needed to deal with life.
Life as in the brokenness January brings and all the heartaches February 
brings so time off was needed to recuperate.

Okay Okay Okay let's get serious and catch-up again.

If you didn't know this (the blog has new contributors) and they were very green behind the ears as they didn't know much about blogging other than the freebies bloggers get, so since they have been onboard they have see how much hard work goes behind the scenes and I'm glad to say they are finally... I would say okay to start sharing posts here on the blog and if you see xxIntokazy or xxCindy then posts will be 100% written by them but I will still have a say because "what would Runway be with Miranda Priestly" 

Content will be very different because at present is 90% beauty 10% everything else I would like to share things equally... This I can't explain and all I can say is 
you will just have to read/watch and see. 

Social media changes? Yes there will be alot of changes to all the social media pages as I (ZaneleMondi) don't want to be the only name behind In Out & Around Soweto Blog and I want the pages to reflect that, I might be wrong here but it's worth the try because one has to broaden their horizons a bit.  

Other things you will see change as time progresses 
and please wish the blog luck as it takes a new journey. 

Thank you so much for making it this far. 

Please don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list. 

Till tomorrow. 


Zanele Mondi

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

MINI UPDATE | Where Have I Been?

Soweto, South Africa
Hey guys just thought that I should come do this post as it seems like I haven't been posting a lot this year. 
Pregnancy got me good and my 8- 5 workload is on another level. 

I will be posting soon soon on the daily to share my journey with you as my maternity leave will be starting soon. 

I have been okay, thanks for checking up on me. 

See you soon. 


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