Thursday, December 7, 2017

One Year | Natural Hair Update

Soweto, South Africa
Hey guys, hope all is well okay I'm sharing with you my one year natural update. 
This post is bitter sweet cause my hair should be much longer but I decided to be adventurous in June and go blonde and now I'm paying the price, totally bored. 
Since then I have been working on my brittle hair and been trying to make sure that I stick to a once a week routine of washing and styling it #bennyandbetty as I wear wigs on the daily. 

I have been sticking with Pure Royal with the is one as they contain no sulftes, parabens, silcones and no salt (yes salts are very drying to the hair). 

I did the whole routine on my YouTube channel showing you all products used and all the step by step instructions, which are pretty simple and once your try my methods, 
you will notice the difference. 

I plate my hair I then go in with my hair food from LongandLasting followed by the hair spray, I like  the two products together because they are not too oily as I use a wig on the daily and I don't want much product to over lap in it. 

My natural hair routine is pretty simple and basic, and that is how 
I like to keep it hence why the big chop right. 

Hope you enjoyed it. 


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