Friday, November 10, 2017

Event | SURVIVOR Wine Tasting in Soweto

Sanibonani bo #SebenzaGirl this is Ntokazy and Cindy bringing to you our first ever post for the blog and it is an event not just any event but a wine event held at the gorgeous Just Badela Resturant in the famous neighbourhood Orlando West in our beautiful home town of Soweto. 

We are just glad that our first event for the blog was in Soweto 
and now we can venture South Africa. 

One fine day, as a truck laden with cattle rattled past D.B. Rust's farm, one of the passengers decided The Cow Stops Here. She jumped.Not only did she survive, but she has thrived, and even produced several offspring. Because she embodies the forthright sprit of the Swartland, this creamy, barrel fermenetd wine with the lingering tropical fruit notes and vibrant minerality, pays tribute to our noble *Nguni cow, Survivor. 

*Nguni cattle are the traditional livestock of the Zulu people of South Africa

Okay okay the story behind the wine is really interesting and makes one think...mmmh

So back to the event, on Wednesday night we spent the evening tasting wine to officially introduce Survivor Wines to the Soweto market and we had fun. 

We tasted a variety of wines and you can also see what we had to taste

Our favorite has to be SURVIVOR CHARDONNAY which is also sold out on their site. 

Overall we are glad that companies are taking chances and finally 
seeing that Soweto has so much to offer. 

Thank you soo much Survivor Wines for the invite, you will be on our shopping lists. 



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