Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Best & Worst Part Of Blogging

Soweto, South Africa
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Hey guys it's Tuesday and I'm back with another post, I was reading on some blogging tips this past weekend especially the good and worst things about blogging. This made me think of my journey and why I began blogging and just thought that I should share with you some of my experiences. 

The Worst: 
If you are not sharing your life then why are you blogging?
There was a time for me when I could find an escape on my blog and just ramble on about things that don't make sense. These days it seems like it is a pre-requisite to share something personal about your life when blogging or vlogging so my tip here is just share content you are comfortable with as it might come back to bite you. 

The Best: 
Why did you begin blogging?
Did you begin to blog just to get free products or are you trying to share issues maybe around your community or just issues that you are dealing with on the daily that might be a help to someone else. 
With a thousands of blogs and bloggers In Out & Around South Africa you need to have that something special that you bring on the table cause surely we are all talking lifestyle, beauty and everything else that is trending. 

I surely enjoy blogging, which seems to be currently over taken by YouTubing but hey I ain't complaining, cause if you can't beat them join them right?

Happy Tuesday



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