Monday, September 18, 2017

Manicure Monday | TV Talk

On my nails I'm wearing Essence Glow & Care shade Go For Glow
Gosh not another late post, but I'm glad that I'm actually going to post something. Slowly but surely I'm getting back to the swing of things and who knows maybe I'll start filming again for YouTube. This week it's beauty week here on the blog and I will be sharing make-up related products, but before I do that let us have some Monday Manicure Talk.... 

This weekend I didn't watch alot of TV, so the review will be based on one show that I did manage to watch, my sister was just Keeping Up With The Kardashians the whole weekend. 


This week it was the chance for the top 10 to perform and like Randall (one of the judges said), it was just lame top 10 behavior the contestants were just not singing, so here is what I thought of each performance. 

1. Boring but okay
2. Loved the Lira performance
3. Bawo not Pawo (such a horrible mistake)
4. Ndawo yami yes!!!
5. I think he has found his voice 
6. Oooh my Bey-once!!! a bit gimicky LOL but I'm a Bey fan so I will vote for her. 
7. Faith - Kulungile baba perfomance of the night. 
8. Paxton - Sang that Arriana song really well. 
9. Mary J Blige, time inappriate ... boring
10. Perfomance number 10 was a better verson of 3. 

The question of the night on IDOLS was what would you do with your 1 million rand prize winnings, and others had really nice answers and the most interesting one of them all was the Pap and Inkomazi(sour milk) machine idea I'm all on board with that one, 
cause I love me some good Inkomazi, so for just saying that she has my vote. 

Hope that we all have a great week. 

See you soon


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