Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lip Swatches | Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer Matte

Soweto, South Africa

Hey guys, hope everything is well and okay. Today I have a very short post for you and it is all about lip swatches from the Avon's Mark range. Mark by Avon launched earlier this year with a range lipsticks, eye-shadows, mascara's, etc... and now they
are giving us *matte lippies. 

The Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Matte recently launched and I thought that 
I should share my first impressions on them
together with some swatches. 

The matte lippies come in 12 shades and they are currently on special guys they are R84.90 and their normal price there after will be R199.90, like on my many previous posts on Avon's products when they have a product launch, you know that the price
will be ridiculously cheap. 
I like that the packaging also come in a solid black top and the bottle 
shows off the contents of the product within, 
so what you see on the outside is what you get on the inside. 

The applicator also allows for a clean application as it is slightly smaller in the tip. 
The matte lippies are one application you are happy, they are well pigmented and should you want to build on some product later on the day the tip is to let the first application dry up and NEVER I repeat NEVER rub your lips on a matte lippie before it completely dries off. 

Over all I'm happy with the price and the lippies. Great job Avon. 

Have you tried any off these Avon's Matte Lippies?



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  1. Fabulosity is stunning! Thank you for sharing, great swatches, I haven't purchased anything from Avon for such a long while! These look really good x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Fabulosity is the one hey...Thanks for popping by girl.


  2. These look great on you, I am liking Fabulosity a lot. I ordered one from a lady at work who sells Avon, I think I ordered Man Eater, but now I want Fabulosity as well, lol.

    1. Get Fabulosity for the summer girl ***wink***
      You will be happy with the pigment and price.



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