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Manicure Monday | Mini TV Reviews

Soweto, South Africa
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Hey guys, hopefully your winter has been great. I spent most of my time at home and I got to catch-up on some TV. So this weeks Manicure Monday post will really be me giving my mini reviews on the shows that I have watched recently. 
N.B. Spoiler Alert I just ramble on about mostly reality shows. 

So I will start off with.

TJOVI TJO (airs on SABC1  Sundays)
This show is really boring guys, there is just too much crying going on there... if you don't believe me see Episode 1 and the other episode that aired yesterday just too much crying.
Side note: Shaka Zulu airs after the show stick around for it.

BEING BONANG (airs on VUZU Amp Fridays)
I won't say much about it cause most of the footage I have seen is from the VUZU website as I'm on DSTV Extra and my package does not allow for me to catch it there. The clips that I have seen are not bad and can't wait to catch it on VUZU 116 when it airs just like many other series cause at present I just can't afford to upgrade.

REAL HOUSEWIFE'S (airs on VUZU weekdays 17:30)
Speaking of Vuzu got to watch the Real Housewife's of Atlanta and Beverly Hills and all I can say is drama, I love these reality shows and just can't get enough of them. Things that mainly catch my eye on reality TV is the drama that happens there and how the show is produced for us the audience and all I can say is Bravo has it good with these reality shows Good Job guys

DISKI DIVA'S (airs on Mzansi Magic)
Being a fan from season1 episode1 when one diva claimed to be able to differentiate a fake red bottom shoe to an authentic one I knew that this show will be good. Pity for the cat fights that occurred outside shooting times though.... This show would still be good. Season 3 is just a big no no. I have moved on to real diva's on E! and they are called WAGS which is just an awesome upgrade from watching Diski Diva's. I'm sorry but when I watch Diski Diva's now I just see a show that went through a lot of budget cuts and it is showing.

KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS (airs almost all the time on E!)
Cause I haven't blogged for sooo long, (like 3 months and I think season 13 was still running then I will just talk about it for a bit cause I want to talk about Kylie). Season 13 was pretty hard because episode 2 dealt with Kim's Paris horror, so after taking sometime off to spend with her family she finally thought yeap I'm really ready to be in public again. Kim is just an inspiration... and congratulations on her make-up line KKW which might never get reviewed on the blog this year cause it is just tooo expensive, but her sister Kylie is just killing it right now.

THE LIFE OF KYLIE (airs almost all the time on E!)
I watched 3 episodes and so far I'm hooked, Kylie is sooo soft spoken I can't deal with that but I will just over look it cause the show is great. I just hate that it only plays for 30 minutes couldn't her production company negotiate for an hour show, such a bummer. I really like the show and I see myself watching it all the time.

LIVNG THE DREAM WITH SOMIZI (airs on Mzansi Magic)
Is it just me or are you also watching repeats of this show also, Somizi just hooks you from the word Go! I like that. I like how the show is also shot, can we have the show running for an hour when it comes back for season 3 (".)

iNUMBER NUMBER (airs on Mzansi Magic)
I could be wrong here but the series seems to be a continuation from the movie (with the same name) but that is really unfair for people that never saw the movie, hence why the show does not make any sense. Alot of things just don't make sense in this series. I just wished they took notes from movies turned series like the Lethal Weapon franchise. Anywho thats my opinion.

I have been watching a lot of other shows on TV but didn't want to make this post long. If you like posts like these please do tell me as I did enjoy typing out this one, and wouldn't mind doing mini reviews maybe on a bi-weekly?

If you made it this far... You are a star ***

See you soon



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