Monday, June 5, 2017

Manicure Mondays | Welcome Back & Let’s Talk

Hello guys, hope everyone has been great and okay, even if this post is a day late I really wanted
to have it out either way. One thing that I love more than a full coverage foundation, more than a full coverage concealer that does not require setting (lol maybe I'm dreaming here on the require no setting part but I hope you get me), I love having my nails done at home on a Sunday chilling with the fam.  I tried the acrylic thing a few months back and I'm like no more no thanks. I'm glad that my nails are back to their robustness again,

Well it's Manicure Monday girls and it is time for us to catch-up.

I love blogging as a hobby but let's face it these days companies have seen 
how much influence we do have and that
is great because we can turn our hobbies into something that will bring us some pocket money and hey sometimes we can start making a living cause whether we like or not blogging is expensive.

You need High Quality Pictures - You need a camera or phone that will take such and that is expensive
You need the latest foundation - You will need to buy it which is expensive
You need to get your post out there - We you will need to promote it honey, and promotions cost money cause lets face it, Instagram alga-fu***n-rhythms are just messing us up, and hashtags are just hashtags lately.

Blogging has become a bit challenging, because we now live in the Age of the "Influencer".... this will be our topic next week.

What's your take on the business side of blogging?

See you soon.



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