Monday, May 15, 2017

Top 3 Nailcare Winter Tips

2 months back I did the most horrible thing to my nails, I acryliced them
and my poor nails had to pay the price of being chipped and cracked for the past two months. 

Acrylic nails are nice and very pretty but I think that they are not for me, will I do them again…?
Well!!! beauty is pain LOL, but nah I'm cool. I have never done the gel glaze maybe I will try that apparently, it is not that harsh

I would like to share with you 3 Nailcare tips I stick to through winter as natural nails tend to crack and chip at any time, which just sucks. 

File when necessary
I find that when I file my nails, they tend to break when they get to certain height which sucks cause I file nails with the intention to make them look all pretty and stuff.

Cuticle Oil it or Vaseline It
Cuticle oil can be expensive (the good ones that is), and an alternative for me on many occasions has been my Vaseline pure jelly.

Cover them
I use taxis on the regular and opening and closing those sometime hard doors can take a toll on our nails. So, wearing gloves on the regular will help protect your nails from that and the harsh air the cold season brings.

Well that's it for my simple nailcare tips: 
Do you have nailcare tips you mind sharing with me? 
Please let me know because sharing is caring!!!

See you soon


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  1. I also can't do acrylic. Did it for my wedding 11 odd years ago and never again. My nails were so sensitive and fragile after that. I've done Gelish and it is way less harsh, but I still suffer a bit, unless I allow them to peel off themselves..which takes a long time and makes you have to walk around with ugly chipped nails. Definitely do give it a try though.

    Luzanne from Pink peonies gave a tip to always put your hand cream on before you go to bed, that way it's like a mask for your hands as you won't be touching anything or washing hands again.

    1. Yes girl, lol it's called Gelish. Will most definitely try your tips.



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