Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Review | Essence Super Precise Eyeliner

A very late Wednesday Upload but I still wanted to do a quick review on the Essence Super Precise Eyeliner I bought a month back, so let us get into it. 

The claim 
essence says "precision work. the eyeliner with an extremely fine brush applicator is ideal for tracing accurate lines as well as creating broad eyeliner designs! deep black, long-lasting, waterproof – for wow-eyes!"

The product
Just like all liquid eyelinears out there this eyelinear comes in a black casing easy to open and close. Love that all is written in the front (the brand name, description and claim).
My experience
I was just roaming around Clicks and I was actually looking for the All About Matt! Foundation shade 50 caramel and didn't find any (went to the essence website also seems that the shades 50 and 60 have been discontinued... guess I need to find a new affordable foundation *sad face*)... anywho so I picked out the eyeliner as it caught my eye... longlasting and waterproof hello... price you ask only R59.95.
I like to do a hand test with my eyeliners first I don't know why... so I streak a small amount leave it to dry and any carry on with my daily activities.. stupid I know but my trick works as it tests the longevity of the product you must try it LOL. 
At first application I knew that this eyeliner will become an instant hit for me... The applicator does not come out with too much product but I tell you a little goes a long way here. 

My thoughts
If you like the Wet n Wild Megaliner then this one is for you as it this also waterproof and way cheaper than the Wet n Wild one...

There you have it my mini review is done. 

Enjoy the rest of your day. 



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  1. I love Essence liners! They're great quality for the price :)

    xo, Liz

    1. Girl I tell you, super great and affordable.



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