Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review | Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water

Sorry for not posting yesterday I was still updating the blog and it took longer
than usual, and it's not yet finished but getting there,
Although Monday the post does highlight that I want to work on a lot of things this 
month I forgot to mention, I'm 
also working on my pictures and picture editing, 
should you maybe want a post on that "How I Edit My Pictures" I will do it gladly. I know it sounds silly (picture editing), but hopefully it does turn out great. I'm also trying to make my Instagram pop and be more pretty (crossing my finger that it works), 

Today I bring to you a product that I wanted to try for a longtime 
but was a bit hesitant to test it out cause it was one
of those products that were forever hyped on social media. 

A month ago I finally bought the  Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water - R85  thanks to the 3for2 deals that Clicks has and gave the product a try. 

The biology student in me wanted to know what exactly is a micellar solution and what is conists of.. *A micellar solution consists of a dispersion of micelles in a solvent (most usually water). Micelles consist of aggregated amphiphiles, and in a micellar solution these are in equilibrium with free, unaggregated amphiphiles. Micellar solutions form when the concentration of amphiphile exceeds the critical micellar concentration (CMC) or critical aggregation concentration - CAC, and persist until the amphiphile concentration becomes sufficiently high to form a lyotropic liquid crystal phase.

Although micelles are often depicted as being spherical, they can be cylindrical or oblate depending on the chemical structure of the amphiphile. Micellar solutions are isotropic phases.

.............(So basically its "oily" particles that are able to pick up water.... I think) enough here: 

 The Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water is specifically made for people with dry skin like mine hence I was a bit hesitant on buying the blue and pink ones. 
The very same day that I bought the cleansing water I had a full face of make-up on and now I wished I filmed a first impression video on it (next time I guess). 
Got home at night removed my lashes and went at it, and because I love full coverage make-up I was like yeap this cotton wool and cleansing water are doing their job as the thick layer of make-up came off. I used two cotton wool to fully remove my make-up. 

Right after use your skin does not feel dry, it actually feels moisturised and because I was using it for the first time I didn't continue with my normal skin routine
I left the product to dry up and I could see that yeap the "oily layer" that was there dried up and my skin was on the matte side, these
results made me happy because even though I have dry skin I don't want products that leave layers of oiliness on my skin cause those layers tend to then cause 
breakouts and clogged pores. 

Overall I'm happy with my buy, will I continue using it, yes. 

Will I repurchase it, yes. 

I hope that you have enjoyed my mini review, 

Till tomorrow. 


*Micellar explaination taken from wiki

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