Friday, April 28, 2017

Freedom Day | 23 Years Of What

Yesterday we were celebrating 23 years of Freedom in South Africa, wow only 23 years ago
Black South Africans finally got the chance to participate in democratic elections and select a leader that they want as the head of state... only 23 years ago. 

I will not go into the politics of things however what happened to me in the 
second half of yesterday just completely over cast
the public holiday that Freedom day means to me. 

So my place of birth is Soweto and that is where 95% of the content for the blog 
and YouTube is created however I have a place in an area called Fluerhoff (South West of Johannesburg) 10 minutes drive away from Soweto which means I'm still pretty close to home.

Walter Sisulu Square (Pictured Above) is pretty close to my home in Soweto like a 2 minute drive and I spent most of my day yesterday at home (Soweto) and left there quite late at night. 
Where is this story going you ask???

Fluerhoff is quite a large area and consist of hostels (cause there were mines back then and people that stay there pay no rent), "new hostels" (flats recently built where people stay for free and pay no rent), low cost flats and housing, normal high cost flats and
 houses and old beautiful suburban houses. 

The area recently is under major development, new houses and flats are being built which is great as job creation is at its highest and development in the area is ever increasing. 

Fluerhoff hasn't had any electricity for 5 days now (24 April till date), which means alot of people are suffering, new born babies, the sick, school kids and everyone else. 

So yesterday going back to Fluerhoff from home, people were protesting as there was no electricity which I'm all for but why did they have to take a brick and smash my windscreen?
I took a picture of it but it just makes me fume just think about it. 

The feedback that we got from the counselor was that he was not aware of the problem and that he needs 24 hours to sort out the problem. 
24 hours has passed we are going to yet another long weekend I guess next week Tuesday we will have our electricity?

I will keep you updated with regards to my windscreen and our electrcity issue. 

23 years of Freedom hey... I'm not happy at all with the progress with certain issues South Africa. 


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