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Essence Bloggers Beauty Secrets Mini Reviews & Swatches

Essence Bloggers Beauty Secrets Mini Reviews & Swatches
Hope your Wednesday was off to a great start, sorry for another late upload was filming for YouTube and completely forgot that the swatches for the Essence Bloggers Beauty Secrets are not up yet. I filmed a look today featuring all the palettes I'm hoping that 
when I do the editing the look will come out great as it has been one disaster after the next trying to film and I just don't know why. 

So in January 2017 Essence did a collab with 4 beauty bloggers to come up with these 4 gorgeous palettes and if I may add affordable. 

So I will just go through each palette and share my mini thoughts. 

essence bloggers` beauty secrets – touch up to go! one-for-all palette
This palette consist of very gorgeous matte blushes , eyeshadows and a lipgloss.
I have been using the blushes on this palette, and when I use them only a small amount of product picks off and that makes me happy because you guys know how bad some blushes are (picking up tons of products and turning your make-up look from a 10 to a 0 real quick).

Who is this blush suitable for everyone who loves blushes that are subtle and matte. 

essence bloggers` beauty secrets – shape & shadows eye contouring palette
I did an eyebrow tutorial for my YouTube channel of which you can see HERE last week using this palette, I’m an eyebrow pencil type of girl and I’m happy with just doing my brows with that,  but the shape & shadows eye contouring palette made me see the light (“,) I never got what the fuss was about but now I get it. 
essence bloggers` beauty secrets – the glow must go on bronzing and highlighting palette
Bronzers and highlighter are just those items I like to stay away from when I do my make-up, cause I always ask myself will I look ashy hence I hardly use highlighters but since this palette has that bronzy feel I was like let me try it, and maybe just maybe it will suit my skin and yeap it does not come out ashy at all, TIP HERE: Always use a light hand when highlighting.

essence bloggers` beauty secrets – vintage rose eye palette
This palette you can tell that it was done by a beauty blogger as the shades in the palette are great, I won’t lie when I first swatches the matte shades I did worry thinking that the color pay-off won’t be that great for my skin tone, as the pigmentation is on the lighter side of things…

When I  used the shades the color payoff came out beautifully and I had nothing to complain about, the palette has a dip linear which glides really well and helps create that perfect wing liner. 

Overall the palettes are worth the buy and I'm glad I got them.

retail - R104.95 

I hope that you have enjoyed my mini reviews, 

See you soon



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  1. Essence have some lovely products and these look great! All of the packaging look great too!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡

    1. They really do look great and if I may say, some of their really great packaging.

    2. I am an essence fan, they have great products. I just never tried their make up products, but after reading this will try their blush soonest. I like their nail care range amd lip balm. Thanks for this post

    3. Same here I began my essence journey with their nailpolishes, you need to get some of their make-up products aswell.

  2. Ooooe these look awesome - I am always on the hunt for new Essence products

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Girl, if you don't have them as yet you need to get them ASAP.

  3. Replies
    1. Hey Meghan thank you, yes girl you need to get them.


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