Sunday, April 30, 2017

Thank You April

Friday, April 28, 2017

Freedom Day | 23 Years Of What

Yesterday we were celebrating 23 years of Freedom in South Africa, wow only 23 years ago
Black South Africans finally got the chance to participate in democratic elections and select a leader that they want as the head of state... only 23 years ago. 

I will not go into the politics of things however what happened to me in the 
second half of yesterday just completely over cast
the public holiday that Freedom day means to me. 

So my place of birth is Soweto and that is where 95% of the content for the blog 
and YouTube is created however I have a place in an area called Fluerhoff (South West of Johannesburg) 10 minutes drive away from Soweto which means I'm still pretty close to home.

Walter Sisulu Square (Pictured Above) is pretty close to my home in Soweto like a 2 minute drive and I spent most of my day yesterday at home (Soweto) and left there quite late at night. 
Where is this story going you ask???

Fluerhoff is quite a large area and consist of hostels (cause there were mines back then and people that stay there pay no rent), "new hostels" (flats recently built where people stay for free and pay no rent), low cost flats and housing, normal high cost flats and
 houses and old beautiful suburban houses. 

The area recently is under major development, new houses and flats are being built which is great as job creation is at its highest and development in the area is ever increasing. 

Fluerhoff hasn't had any electricity for 5 days now (24 April till date), which means alot of people are suffering, new born babies, the sick, school kids and everyone else. 

So yesterday going back to Fluerhoff from home, people were protesting as there was no electricity which I'm all for but why did they have to take a brick and smash my windscreen?
I took a picture of it but it just makes me fume just think about it. 

The feedback that we got from the counselor was that he was not aware of the problem and that he needs 24 hours to sort out the problem. 
24 hours has passed we are going to yet another long weekend I guess next week Tuesday we will have our electricity?

I will keep you updated with regards to my windscreen and our electrcity issue. 

23 years of Freedom hey... I'm not happy at all with the progress with certain issues South Africa. 


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Revlon Eyes, Cheeks and Lips Palette Review & Demo

Hey guys, hope that everything is going great. 

I saw the Revlon Eyes, Cheeks and Lips Palette - price R219 on the site some time back in January and I had to get it because you know Revlon is one of my favorite brands and the palette seemed affordable for what it had to offer (Eyes - Eyeshadows, Cheeks - Blush and Lips - Lipgloss and Lipstick). 

I bought Seductive Smokies but the palette also comes in Berry In Love and Romantic Nudes. 

Let me review the palette for you: 

The claim 
Revlon says "Create countless makeup looks with just one palette. Universally flattering shades of our best selling eyeshadow, blush and lipcolor. Available in 3 expertly coordinated shades".

The product
The palette comes in a black casing, online it did look a bit bigger I don't wanna lie, but then again it is not small either. The top 6 pods are eyeshadows, left shades lipstick, centre-blush and right lipgloss, the extras are a mirror blush brush, lipbrush and eyeshadow brushes. I like that the lid is transparent and you can see inside the palette. 

My Experience, 
As mentioned I thought that the palette was a bit bigger, then again how big cause it is not that small either (LOL) hope you get me here. The Seductive Smokies palette is just that a palette to create seductive smokie eyes, the shadows have minimal fallout and have great pigmentation. The blush is not highly pigmented and for a girl like me who loves blushes I would have loved for it be a tad bit more pigmented however I like that the blush is on the matte side of things. If you are familiar with the super lustrous formula from Revlon then these lipsticks are for you as they are full of color and have a good lasting power, Revlon did a great job with picking up the lipstick shades as they go really well with smokie eyes. 

My Verdict
Overall, for the price you get the most value as you get 6 eyeshadows, a blush, 2 lipglosses and 2 lipsticks. I will say before purchasing the palette I Googled it and mixed reviews on it came out, for me I'm happy as I can create more than just one look from the palette and that all I ask for really, a product I can use time and time again. 

I have done a look on my YouTube Channel using the Eyes, Cheeks and Lips palette, 
I hope that you do enjoy it.

And please don't forget to subscribe (",). 



Monday, April 24, 2017

Balancing Blogging Full Time & Working Full Time

My title makes me cringe cause really is there ever a balance in anything work/life related, 
let us take a look at this. 

A lot of South African Beauty Bloggers I know and follow on social media either have full time jobs, are full time students or just doing it all working full time, working on their studies full time, running a family and that very little free time we get we blog (or atleast try),
a very tiny percentage of bloggers I know in South Africa make a living from beauty blogging comfortably (the work comfortably is key here). 

I'm just here just stating the facts....!!!

I know tons of bloggers who have very immeculate work but are not blogging full time and I know tons of bloggers that are blogging "full time"and are producing shitty work. 

Enklek where is this article going....hold up.... !!!

So balancing blogging full time and working full time, I would say it is pretty hard
 as you need to feed this social media giant and at the same time feed your family, because let us be honest blogging and leaving comfortably only on blogging is a dream that most of us will only see in the next upcoming generations... 

HOLD UP...did I just say that I'm old or your old... nope you are never to old or to young to pursue
your goals/dreams. 

But where is this article going????? huh!!!!

Nowhere really I just thought that I should come here and speak crap really. 
Balancing full time blogging and full time working or studying really does not exist, all I can say is you just need to work hard on all aspects of your life
and you will see equal if not more growth and success in all. 

Did I confuse you, cause I'm confused LOL. 

Have a great week.



Friday, April 21, 2017

3 Things That Make Me Happy

Chilling With Friends

Let us be honest finding time out of our ever busy schedules to chill with friends is kinda difficult, 
so I always tend to settle for those spare of the moment breakfast, lunch dates and after work drink catch-up sessions cause they are much more fun than those planned never gonna happen events LOL.

Staying Make-Up and Wig Free

A 100% of the time when I'm at home I stay make-up and wig free, which I love and that makes me happy. 

Me Time

If you didn't see my blogpost this week about masks then I will link it HERE, I will just say laundry done, clean house, bubble bath and a face mask... 
and wine obviously that makes for a very happy Zanele. 

I hope that you have a great weekend. 

See you soon...



Thursday, April 20, 2017

Simple Quotes For A Thursday



Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Natural Hair Update & My Protective Style

Hey guys, I hope that everything is well and okay, we are half way through the week
 and I say we can do this. 

In January I shared a post titled Underneath My Wig where I shared my reason behind the "Big Chop" and the products that I have been using underneath my wig and on my hair. 

Today I thought that I should extend that post and show you a detailed breakdown on all the items that I have been using so far. 

Side note, when I had relaxed hair I didn't have an issue with hair breaking-out in the front and even now that is no issue, the only issue really is that I get lazy to moisturize my hair which leads to some fall outs especially on wash days. 

Everyone has a hair journey that is different I think and there is no right or wrong way of doing your hair, some products might work and other won't which is absolutely fine as it is a journey. 
Just set goals and all will eventually work out okay.

  • Detangle, Wash and Air Dry (Products used Avon Advance Technique Shampoo and Leave In Conditioner)
  • While I wait for my hair to air dry I do my Wig (Products used on my wig Avon Advance Techniques Rapid Rescue and Fizz Control Serum)
  • Do a simple protective hair style (Using Wool and a Comb)
  • Moisturize my hair after braiding (using Long & Lasting Braid & Dreads Spray and Moisturizer) once a week I then apply my MPL oil and Black Chic Hair Food)
  • Apply my Wig Cap plus Wig and style as desired

I have also done a YouTube Video/Tutorial demonstrating my current hair routine, 
I hope that you do enjoy it. 



Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Review | All About Face Masks

Is it just me or everyone is face masking a lot these day, and if you ain't well you should be because it's fun and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, tightened and toned.

Me time: Most face masks need 10 minutes minimum to efficiently work, so what does one do during that period to kill time, chill of-course a lil cucumber some candles and a bubble bath and you are at a spa.

Cleansing and unclogging pores: Using a face-wash on the daily is great as it removes dirt and make-up, however face masks take cleansing to another level.

Unmask: Once your done using a face mask your face feels rejuvenated and glowing, if you haven't masked (use a face mask) before you just need to try it atleast once.
How To: 
1. LOL this is optional cause some masks can be messy so you need to tighten your hair and make sure it is nowhere near the face.
2. Wash your face as normal using a face wash, and semi pat dry your face as it is better applying a mask on a damp face.
3. Leave it on your face for the period of time or as recommend by the manufacturer
4. When you remove the mask use plenty of water as the mask clings on your face when it has dried up so e.g. dampen your wash cloth then hold it on your face for while do this till the face mask loosens up which will make it easy for it to come off.
My routine

I use the Avon Clearskin pore penetrating Black Mineral Mask once a week as I have dry skin, depending on what problems you would like to target you can use it as frequent as recommended. 

I just apply a thin layer of the Avon Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask to my semi damp face, wait for the mask to transform from a black to a light grey colour. The chilling time for the mask is 10 to 15 minutes, and I usually chill with the mask for 15 minutes.

This is the 3rd tube I have purchased and used and so far so good, I ain't complaining.

Please do tell me if you are using any masks yet and do you
see any difference on your skin?

Thank you so much for checking out my post, 
see you soon!!!



Avon Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask
Regular price R79

Monday, April 17, 2017

Random Monday CatchUp

Hope that the Easter weekend was great and you got to spend time with the family. 
My weekend was just chilled big sis was in town and I just spent time with her, even got to do her make-up but she doesn't want me to share her pics on social which I understand she is super private and I thought I was the private one. 

I ate alot of chocolate but I ain't complaining, 

I just wanted to come over here on the blog that I love 
and just wish you a great productive week ahead. 



Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday 2017 | Be Present

I haven't posted a quote in a while here on the blog, and if you have been been following my blog forever you would know that quotes are what I do best. 

Being a Good Friday and a Holiday I just thought that I should share quotes about "being present", cause at times I/we tend to focus on for example things that we want to achieve in the future and you know what, the future starts now. 

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”
Bil Keane

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
Mother Teresa

“The future depends on what you do today.”
Mahatma Gandhi

“Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.”
Albert Camus, Notebooks 1935-1942

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”
Gautama Buddha, Sayings Of Buddha

Have a great weekend



Thursday, April 13, 2017

YouTube | Essence Bloggers Beauty Secret Review + Demo

As promised from yesterdays post guys, I managed to finally create a look using the 
bloggers beauty secret palette. 

I hope that you do enjoy my tutorial, 

You can also watch it from HERE

See you soon



Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Essence Bloggers Beauty Secrets Mini Reviews & Swatches

Essence Bloggers Beauty Secrets Mini Reviews & Swatches
Hope your Wednesday was off to a great start, sorry for another late upload was filming for YouTube and completely forgot that the swatches for the Essence Bloggers Beauty Secrets are not up yet. I filmed a look today featuring all the palettes I'm hoping that 
when I do the editing the look will come out great as it has been one disaster after the next trying to film and I just don't know why. 

So in January 2017 Essence did a collab with 4 beauty bloggers to come up with these 4 gorgeous palettes and if I may add affordable. 

So I will just go through each palette and share my mini thoughts. 

essence bloggers` beauty secrets – touch up to go! one-for-all palette
This palette consist of very gorgeous matte blushes , eyeshadows and a lipgloss.
I have been using the blushes on this palette, and when I use them only a small amount of product picks off and that makes me happy because you guys know how bad some blushes are (picking up tons of products and turning your make-up look from a 10 to a 0 real quick).

Who is this blush suitable for everyone who loves blushes that are subtle and matte. 

essence bloggers` beauty secrets – shape & shadows eye contouring palette
I did an eyebrow tutorial for my YouTube channel of which you can see HERE last week using this palette, I’m an eyebrow pencil type of girl and I’m happy with just doing my brows with that,  but the shape & shadows eye contouring palette made me see the light (“,) I never got what the fuss was about but now I get it. 
essence bloggers` beauty secrets – the glow must go on bronzing and highlighting palette
Bronzers and highlighter are just those items I like to stay away from when I do my make-up, cause I always ask myself will I look ashy hence I hardly use highlighters but since this palette has that bronzy feel I was like let me try it, and maybe just maybe it will suit my skin and yeap it does not come out ashy at all, TIP HERE: Always use a light hand when highlighting.

essence bloggers` beauty secrets – vintage rose eye palette
This palette you can tell that it was done by a beauty blogger as the shades in the palette are great, I won’t lie when I first swatches the matte shades I did worry thinking that the color pay-off won’t be that great for my skin tone, as the pigmentation is on the lighter side of things…

When I  used the shades the color payoff came out beautifully and I had nothing to complain about, the palette has a dip linear which glides really well and helps create that perfect wing liner. 

Overall the palettes are worth the buy and I'm glad I got them.

retail - R104.95 

I hope that you have enjoyed my mini reviews, 

See you soon



Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New In | NYX

Hey guys, hope that all is well and okay I have been editing my pictures and trying different filters 
I hope that you have been enjoying the "new fresh/clean look" that the blog offers, I really do enjoy putting posts up now.   

Today I welcome Nyx Cosmetics to the blog, I know I know I should have hopped on that train long ago, but if you have been following the blog you know I like dragging my feet on certain things and Nyx just seemed to be one of those products I always wanted to get however I never got and I just don't know why... 

Anywho.... I finally got me some Nyx products I'm so happy.....(lil scream)
My favorite so far has to be the Concealer, Correct, Contour Palette
it has taken my make-up looks to a whole new level. 

I also wanted to share some swatches but I will leave those for reviews on a later stage, 
I just wanted to share with you some of the products I recently got at the Clicks sale and Nyx just ended up having it's own feature.  

Please do tell me, have you used any Nyx products before and how did you find them, 
cause I do think that they are on the higher priced side of things for a drugstore brand, 
but I ain't complaining.

Dream Catcher Eyeshadow Palette Stormy Skies

Concealer, Correct, Contour Palette

Pro Palette Highlight & Contour



*links provided are just for information and not affiliate links

Monday, April 10, 2017

Avon Bright Start Foundation Review

Hey guys, hope your weekend was off to a great start mine was rather boring but hopefully this week things will be better.

So I bought the Avon Bright Start foundation in January 2017 and been using it with caution, 
see my review.  

The claim:
Avon states “Get your day off to a bright start with this flawless foundation, packed with nutrients to give skin an instant boost”.
They also say that the foundation is medium coverage, oil free and has SPF15.

The product:
The foundation comes in a black box written Avon Bright Start, SPF 15 and at the bottom the foundation shade.
The foundation bottle is plastic, shows a bit of the foundation contents which might appear a bit lighter than the actual foundation (as is with most foundations)
I bought 2 shades because they had that buy 1 get  free for R189.00 and the shades I got were Caramel and Saddle because at times Avon’s caramel tends to get lighter on me. 
My experience
Ooh boy!!! here we go, I bought the foundation with the sole purpose of testing it out for the blog as this year I want to bring more variety up in here.
From the brochure it is rather difficult to tell that you will be greeted with a plastic bottle which is rather disappointing for me as I prefer bottled foundations, cause the original selling price is R189.00
Avon claims that the foundation is oil free so the first thing that I looked at were the main ingredients and it said Aqua (Water), will give it to them here as some companies would say a product is oil free then they would have ingredients that are nowhere near oil-free.
The bottle comes with a pump and even though I did shake the bottle it took a few air pumps to release the product, a generous amount did come out which I'm happy (cause sometimes you never know what these pumps would squirt out LOL).

The foundation is light to medium and you can apply it with a brush or a beauty blender.
My opinion here is to use a foundation brush (those Kabuki shaped ones) as the foundation is water based and will set beautifully on the skin

My verdict

The foundation is light -  to light medium coverage and is not at all build-able, so if you are looking for a make-up no make foundation, this one is for you.
For girls who are like me and have dark marks/circles everywhere, you will need to color-correct before using the foundation and I would advise that you also highlight the under area because the foundation won't cover those areas.

I would also advise that you buy it on special so that you can get more value for your money.
I tried looking through the Avon site to see if they have any specials this month they don't have any.

Hope that you my review made sense LOL.

Enjoy your Monday and will see you soon.



Friday, April 7, 2017

YouTube | How I Fill In My Brows | Using The Essence Shape & Shadow Palette

Hey guys, I have been using the essence shape & shadow eye contouring palette for over a month now and I have been loving it. 
Just thought that I should share a quick brow tutorial on how I have been using it. 

Hope that you enjoy my current eyebrow tutorial!!!

Stay blessed



Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review | Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water

Sorry for not posting yesterday I was still updating the blog and it took longer
than usual, and it's not yet finished but getting there,
Although Monday the post does highlight that I want to work on a lot of things this 
month I forgot to mention, I'm 
also working on my pictures and picture editing, 
should you maybe want a post on that "How I Edit My Pictures" I will do it gladly. I know it sounds silly (picture editing), but hopefully it does turn out great. I'm also trying to make my Instagram pop and be more pretty (crossing my finger that it works), 

Today I bring to you a product that I wanted to try for a longtime 
but was a bit hesitant to test it out cause it was one
of those products that were forever hyped on social media. 

A month ago I finally bought the  Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water - R85  thanks to the 3for2 deals that Clicks has and gave the product a try. 

The biology student in me wanted to know what exactly is a micellar solution and what is conists of.. *A micellar solution consists of a dispersion of micelles in a solvent (most usually water). Micelles consist of aggregated amphiphiles, and in a micellar solution these are in equilibrium with free, unaggregated amphiphiles. Micellar solutions form when the concentration of amphiphile exceeds the critical micellar concentration (CMC) or critical aggregation concentration - CAC, and persist until the amphiphile concentration becomes sufficiently high to form a lyotropic liquid crystal phase.

Although micelles are often depicted as being spherical, they can be cylindrical or oblate depending on the chemical structure of the amphiphile. Micellar solutions are isotropic phases.

.............(So basically its "oily" particles that are able to pick up water.... I think) enough here: 

 The Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water is specifically made for people with dry skin like mine hence I was a bit hesitant on buying the blue and pink ones. 
The very same day that I bought the cleansing water I had a full face of make-up on and now I wished I filmed a first impression video on it (next time I guess). 
Got home at night removed my lashes and went at it, and because I love full coverage make-up I was like yeap this cotton wool and cleansing water are doing their job as the thick layer of make-up came off. I used two cotton wool to fully remove my make-up. 

Right after use your skin does not feel dry, it actually feels moisturised and because I was using it for the first time I didn't continue with my normal skin routine
I left the product to dry up and I could see that yeap the "oily layer" that was there dried up and my skin was on the matte side, these
results made me happy because even though I have dry skin I don't want products that leave layers of oiliness on my skin cause those layers tend to then cause 
breakouts and clogged pores. 

Overall I'm happy with my buy, will I continue using it, yes. 

Will I repurchase it, yes. 

I hope that you have enjoyed my mini review, 

Till tomorrow. 


*Micellar explaination taken from wiki

Monday, April 3, 2017

Hello April | Preview & CatchUp

Sorry I have been MIA my 9-5 has me good, and I just wonder how will I survive my week. 
I have so many great ideas planned for April I wonder if I will be able to execute them the way I want. 

I decided to change the blog template again lol, but I think it is better now especially for mobile use 
as the previous one was rather plain, this one is still plain however its plain in a good way I think. 
And I also told myself that is it for updating templates for 2017 I will update it in 2018 and also maybe move to wordpress as it is better, Blogger is messing things up now but they have added new templates as the old ones I think they were from 2009. 
I feel like Blogger is Googles last priority when it comes to blogger apps, and they need to change that asap and who ever is doing the changes currently on blogger is messing things up if I haven't mentioned that yet. 

As for YouTube it is still fun, I'm enjoying doing it however I could be better, a little by little I will get there, I saw that I reached 100 subscribers (which I will forever be grateful) there is a giveaway on the works. I do have items that I have been saving up for giveaways I just wonder if you will like them, they are nothing extravagant just bits and pieces of items that I love and been using. 

Wuuu as for my weightloss journey kwaaa that is a story for another day, okay maybe now. My car broke down late January like two days before my birthday and even though I had a great birthday it could have been better, I have been half commuting getting rides from bae and using taxis (South African taxis), this whole thing has been stressing me up, although the gym that I go to is based 
in Soweto taking the car is always better than a taxi, and another thing is when I stress I eat. So good news the car has been fixed and I will be able to do the most again. 

I have been enjoying blogging daily and putting posts up, I won't lie adding YouTube to my basket has been a bit of a stress, please pray for me that I get used to it as I enjoy it. 

Wow this will be a long read LOL, if you made it till the end "YOU ARE THE BEST"

Hope April brings us nothing but LOVE. 


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