Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Weigh-In-Wednesday | March My Month of Struggles

So the plan really with this feature was to post on the weekly and share with you guys my weightloss journey struggles e.g. food intake and everything else. So when March began I was like nope I will make this a monthly feature, mistake number one. 3rd week March my sister who stays on the other side of town calls and asks me what happened to my weightloss feature and I told her what my plan was and she said mmmh okay that mmmh okay killed me a little because  big sisters know us little sisters a bit to well. She knows I'm an emotional eater and when stressed and everything else I turn to food and in March that's what I did.

I don't think I did share with you my goal weight, it is actually 78 - 80kg am I that much of a piece of slob that I can't even motivate myself that much as into loosing 10kg... come on (talking to myself here). I knew loosing weight for me would be challenging but nope to actually lose then gain so much in a month cause I have been eating junk and not going to the gym well I have let myself down...

I hope that this is actually the last time I write about goals not being achieved here on the blog.

Till next week...



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