Monday, March 13, 2017

Manicure Monday - Pink & Glitter

Manicure Monday - Pink & Glitter
Good day, ooh wow this post is so late but I will let it go up anyways. 

Last week I decided to do my nails, (like a girl with all the acrylic stuff and all). 

I did them in street which follows mine (Soweto), when I got there it was empty cause really who does their nails on a Wednesday afternoon. When I got there the lady was soo nice and I told her that I'm doing my nails professionally for the first time she was just shocked. 

The process was really quick and it was not painful at all (people told me that it is painful). The first few days were tough, I couldn't use my phone, type, scratch my hair properly it was really tough. 
As I'm writing/typing this (Tuesday), which would make it a week later I have gotten used to them.

I love that they are pretty and I don't have to worry about applying nailpolish for a while, whoever they are a bit of a pain. 

Will I do them again, maybe I'm just not sure. 

Please give me suggestions on managing with longer/acrylic nails?

Your girl is dying here!!!

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