Friday, February 3, 2017

New In | Colours by Foschini Eyeshadow & Blush Set

Foschini Eyeshadow & Blush Set
Foschini Eyeshadow & Blush Set /// from R34.95 till R49.95
Oooh my it's Friday, we made it. I haven't done a "NEW IN"feature in a while and I thought that I should share these gorgeous eyeshadow and blush palettes that I bought at Foschini. 

Me being a thrifty person, I always go for items that won't break my budget, cause one can end up spending R850 on a single eyeshadow palette. I just feel like I need to perfect my eyeshadow application technique before I splurge. 

The eyeshadows swatches really good, the ones pictured on the left their top part contains matte shades and the bottom part shimmery shades. The top right shadow palette contains 15 shimmery shades then the blusher/bronzer shades are just gorgeous darling. 

Foschini doesn't have their Colours range online so you will need to go in-store for these. 



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