Thursday, February 16, 2017

Around Soweto | McCoy's Lifestyle Butchery Review

McCoy's Lifestyle Butchery
Hope everyone is doing great today!!! Gosh my site keeps on going offline and I don't know what the problem is, I hope that whatever it is, it's fixed now.
My site is getting busier by the day with all the posts that I'm producing, and thank you kindly for the generous support. 

I always wanted to do this feature on the blog, where I share with you places, events and more silly things In Out & Around Soweto hence the blog name
and In Out & Around Soweto, each week will be different so don't think I will be reviewing resturants only... #WatchThisSpace

I will start off my #AroundSowetoFeature with this HOT place that is just a few steps away from my house and it is called McCoy's Lifestyle Butchery located in Senaoane, Soweto.  

The place was opened late 2015 and has been the talk of the town since then. 

Check out their Facebook Page for more pictures so that you can see that I ain't lying.

McCoy's Lifestyle Butchery is a chillied cool spot, that attracts a young vibrant crowd who just want to have fun. 
The place is just that a Lifestyle Butchery, you get there pick the meat you want from their in-house butchery and the sides you need e.g pap, chips, saladsthen you order your drinks and chill and listen to great music. 

What to wear - Jean, shirt & heels. 
What to eat - Their delicious plate of mixed-grills, chips & salads. 
What to expect - Hard working waiters, helpful car parking guys and a long que to the ladies after 9pm(then what place does'nt have long que's at that time). 

I am really happy to be doing this feature I really hope that you will enjoy it.



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