Friday, September 22, 2017

Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor Lip Swatches & Mini Review

Soweto, South Africa

New In | Lip Swatches & Mini Review

Hey guys, gosh it has been a great week blogging wise, a Friday post up so early I'm happy and next week expect more make-up looks and FOTD posts. I have been planning this years heritage day look and make-up and all I can say is heavy glam and why not...

Today it is all about the *Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolour and I'm glad that REVLON is giving us Gel lips in the world of Mattes, and it's totally refreshing.

The claim:
Revlon says the following: "Get high-definition, lightweight color with NEW Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor. Intensely hydrating formula with hyaluronic acid. Available in 15 high-definition shades".
 The Ultra HD Gel Lipcolors retail for R185, and all I can stay is get them at Clicks cause they have their 3-for-2 special. 

My impression first:
At first glance the packaging is really dope, what you see on the outside is most definitely what you get on the inside which I really do like on products and on this packaging you can see that REVLON took their time on making not only the lipcolors to work but the packaging as well. 

If you are familiar with the REVLON's Ultra HD Lipsticks and you liked them then these Ultra HD Colours are for you also.
So far I'm really happy with the lipcolours as they are moisturizing, build-able and long lasting, who can complain about that... 

If you are looking for something that is moisturizing and durable this 
Spring/Summer then this one is for you.




Thursday, September 21, 2017

Quotes | Being Aware

Hey guys, if you have been following my blog for a while you would know that I like sharing quotes. Recently I have been doing really good blogging wise and other than sharing a beauty post today I thought that I should share some quotes, they helped me through a difficult time and 
I hope that they help you aswell. 

“Look at everything always as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time: Thus is your time on earth filled with glory.”
Betty Smith,

“If, then, I were asked for the most important advice I could give, that which I considered to be the most useful to the men of our century, I should simply say: in the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you.”
Leo Tolstoy,

“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”
Maya Angelou

“It's worth making time to find the things that really stir your soul. That’s what makes you really feel alive. You have to say ‘no’ to other things you’re used to, and do it with all your heart.”
Roy T. Bennett

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”
Ramana Maharshi

“Right time, right place, right people equals success.
Wrong time, wrong place, wrong people equals most of the real human history.”
― Idries Shah,

Quotes taken from Goodreads

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lip Swatches | Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer Matte

Soweto, South Africa

Hey guys, hope everything is well and okay. Today I have a very short post for you and it is all about lip swatches from the Avon's Mark range. Mark by Avon launched earlier this year with a range lipsticks, eye-shadows, mascara's, etc... and now they
are giving us *matte lippies. 

The Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Matte recently launched and I thought that 
I should share my first impressions on them
together with some swatches. 

The matte lippies come in 12 shades and they are currently on special guys they are R84.90 and their normal price there after will be R199.90, like on my many previous posts on Avon's products when they have a product launch, you know that the price
will be ridiculously cheap. 
I like that the packaging also come in a solid black top and the bottle 
shows off the contents of the product within, 
so what you see on the outside is what you get on the inside. 

The applicator also allows for a clean application as it is slightly smaller in the tip. 
The matte lippies are one application you are happy, they are well pigmented and should you want to build on some product later on the day the tip is to let the first application dry up and NEVER I repeat NEVER rub your lips on a matte lippie before it completely dries off. 

Over all I'm happy with the price and the lippies. Great job Avon. 

Have you tried any off these Avon's Matte Lippies?



Tuesday, September 19, 2017

POND'S Flawless Radiance BB Review

Soweto, South Africa
Hey guys, hope you are well and okay today I'm reviewing the POND'S Flawless Radiance All-in-One BB Cream. I will just jump straight to the review cause I have my thoughts here. 

The Claim
POND'S says the following on the BB: "The All-in-One Advanced Even Tone BB Cream with SPF 30 PA++ from POND'S that covers outside and helps to even skin tone inside! It gives you natural coverage that is especially designed to match your skin tone instantly. While its even tone actives are known to penetrate deep to continuously even your skin tone and reduce dark spots from 
within the epidermal layer". 

The Product: 
The POND'S Flawless Radiance All-in-One BB Cream comes in a tube and has that all round classic POND'S pink colour. I can't complain much with the tube because it allows for the the product to come out in a controlled manner (hope I make sense here). The BB I tested comes in shade the Chocolate, and when you squeeze it out a thick-ish creamy product comes out. 

My Experience: 
I have been using the Ponds Age Miracle BB Cream shade Chocolate (follow the link and see my previous review), which is perfect for me as it has anti-aging benefits and I must say that the POND'S Flawless Radiance All-in-One BB Cream doesn't do it for me because I'm dealing with a lot of things when it comes to my facial skin. Firstly the under-eye darkness and dryness are not that well hidden with the cream. I know that BB's are just tinted moisturizers but it must not leave my skin looking patchy as it does not blend well with my skin tone I feel like it is missing something.... 
 HEY HOLD-UP before you go there are some good news here, if you have dry patchy skin like mine, you will want to use the BB before wearing your foundation as it will enable the foundation to sit beautifully on your skin. 

My Verdict:
Overall if you are 3 shades darker than me and don't have major skin concerns you will love the BB as it will blend beautifully on your skin, but if you are my shade and have the same concerns like mine and still looking to buy the BB I recommend the PONDS Age Miracle BB Cream shade Chocolate. 


Have you tried any BB's and did they go?



Monday, September 18, 2017

Manicure Monday | TV Talk

On my nails I'm wearing Essence Glow & Care shade Go For Glow
Gosh not another late post, but I'm glad that I'm actually going to post something. Slowly but surely I'm getting back to the swing of things and who knows maybe I'll start filming again for YouTube. This week it's beauty week here on the blog and I will be sharing make-up related products, but before I do that let us have some Monday Manicure Talk.... 

This weekend I didn't watch alot of TV, so the review will be based on one show that I did manage to watch, my sister was just Keeping Up With The Kardashians the whole weekend. 


This week it was the chance for the top 10 to perform and like Randall (one of the judges said), it was just lame top 10 behavior the contestants were just not singing, so here is what I thought of each performance. 

1. Boring but okay
2. Loved the Lira performance
3. Bawo not Pawo (such a horrible mistake)
4. Ndawo yami yes!!!
5. I think he has found his voice 
6. Oooh my Bey-once!!! a bit gimicky LOL but I'm a Bey fan so I will vote for her. 
7. Faith - Kulungile baba perfomance of the night. 
8. Paxton - Sang that Arriana song really well. 
9. Mary J Blige, time inappriate ... boring
10. Perfomance number 10 was a better verson of 3. 

The question of the night on IDOLS was what would you do with your 1 million rand prize winnings, and others had really nice answers and the most interesting one of them all was the Pap and Inkomazi(sour milk) machine idea I'm all on board with that one, 
cause I love me some good Inkomazi, so for just saying that she has my vote. 

Hope that we all have a great week. 

See you soon


Friday, September 8, 2017


“Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that
 someone can get inside you and mess you up.” 
― Neil Gaiman, The Kindly Ones



Thursday, September 7, 2017

ESSENCE | Not Really Happy

Hey guys, been focusing soo much on skin care these days on the blog that make-up has taken a backseat, so I just thought that I should share with you some new make-up from the affordable brand Essence. This range has it's good, great and ridiculous items that have launched recently. So without wasting any of your time with the long intro let us get into it.


1. Essence Volume Stylist Mascara
2. Essence Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss
3. Essence Glow & Care Nailpolish

These 3 products are the best, as they are affordable and do exactly what they need to do. I like that Essence did proper lip-glosses that are not matte, these lip-glosses are pigmented and long lasting. The nailpolish glow & care is that perfect weekday shade that just goes well with every outfit (and will be featuring it this Manicure Monday).

Picture 1

1. Essence My Must Haves Eyeshadows

Picture 1 eyeshadow shades
1. Lip base: Lets Get It Started
2. Lip powder: Everybody Dance Now
3. Eyeshadow: Everybody Dance Now
4. Eyeshadow: T.G.I.F.

This is not one of my most favorite palette from Essence, I get the Lip base, lip powder concept however the shades do come out very patchy so this one is a no no for me. The eyeshadow shades everybody dance now and T.G.I.F are also not that flattering on darker skin tones.

Picture 2
Picture 2 eyeshadow shades
1. Eyeshadow: Peach #Party
2. Eyeshadow: Raspberry Frosting
3. Eyeshadow: Black as a Berry
4. Black is back

This eyeshadow palette Essence did try to redeem themselves with the shades I would say that all the colours are usable for people with darker skin tones so I'm not going to complain that much. 

Please remember that with the My Must Haves you have options to pick and choose which eyeshadows, lip powders you would like to have as they are each sold separately including the palette itself.  

Could this be the ashiest bronzer in town? I think so, I'm really not happy with the bronzers in this range, even the darker skin shade is not that dark and honey if you are a dark skin sister like me, just stay away from this product. 

Overall I'm in-between with my New In Essence products, Essence can do better you know. I'm just crossing my fingers that when I go shopping this month-end I find something better.

What's your take on the new Essence products?




Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Hopefully your week is still going strong, things have been hectic so 
I'm playing catch up once again. Today I bring to you new products from *NIVEA 
that I will be testing out this month, so I thought that
 I should do a quick blog post 
showing you the products in their clean state LOL before I use them. 

1. NIVEA Pecfect & Radiant 3-in-1 cleanser. 
2. NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Toning Lotion
3. NIVEA Perfect & Radiant 3-in-1 Cleansing Wipes (with Micellar Water)

Out of the three that I have mentioned I know that the wipes won't disappoint me because I have been using them for a while, they are gentle to the face and get the job done. I'm also excited with testing out the toner and glad that it is alcohol free. 

NIVEA Pefect & Radiant Micellar 

1. NIVEA Pecfect & Radiant Micellar 
Companies are coming out with their own versions of Micellar cleansing water now, and I'm happy that NIVEA has it's own version now. I can't wait to start testing it out and from what I can gather from the smell this product won't disappoint (crossing my fingers). 

Hopefully you will also be testing out the products with me.

See you soon. 



Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Review | Yardley Bond Street Collection

Soweto, South Africa
 Hey guys, hope your day is going good and September is treating you well so far. I just thought that I should share with you some wonderful fragrances from Yardley that I have been testing out this past few months. In the post below I am sharing my favorite fragrances.

First a bit of THANKS …. *Yardley sent me this gorgeous pack and the beautiful note really made my month, please take a LOOK at it…. (“,) I love it when companies take their time out to write out such great messages, I really do appreciate it.

 Yardley London Bond Street Eau De Parfum Pour Homme
This one has been tested by my boyfriend because the Yardley London Bond Street Eau De Parfum Pour Homme (Pour Homme meaning For Him), which is 50ml and retails for R330. Yardley says "brings you the sophistication and confidence of the female version with a distinctly male scent. This aromatic fragrances fuses together powdery notes with bold woods and vanilla".
I always thought vanilla scents were for woman however I was wrong because although the fragrance does contain vanilla the woody scents give that manly scent.

Yardley Bond Street 50ml
This packaging is just everything guys, I love it. Rose gold the colour of this season and more seasons to come and Yardley did an awesome job on this one. Yardley Bond Street 50ml retails for R375. The Bond Street is made up of alot of different scents such as orange blossom, jasmine, patchouli solar, honey cedar and woody notes,
and honey they all of which create a memorable scent that lingers.
On your next shopping trip pop by the Yardley stand and test this perfume out,
this one you will love.

My very first encounter with Yardley fragrances was with the Gorgeous Range (the one with the purple accents) and if you love that range then this one is a bit of a step up from the previous one as it more sophisticated.

Have you tried any Yardley fragrances before and which one do you prefer?

Till tomorrow


Monday, September 4, 2017

Manicure Monday | Things You Don't Have To Change About Your Blog

Soweto, South Africa
Hey guys, I was really contemplating on doing a blog post like this then again I'm a blogger and a bit entitled to share a bit of opinion here and there. These thoughts of mine brought me to the topic three things that you don't have to change about your blog and how you blog.

You need to be on every social media platform... 
I don't think so, work with social media platforms that work for you. I'm not really a talkative person in life so snapchat is really not for me, so I decided to stop snapping. Beyonce is only active on Instagram, so I say find a social media platform that will enable you to be able to share your content with your audience in a way that will connect with them. 

You don't need to update your template every 3 months...
I have seen blogs with really beautiful content and with crappy templates and the other way round, what really matters with blogging is the content that you put out, worry about your blog layout and other things once you have found your true voice as a blogger. 

You don't need to follow the crowd...
Finding your own voice as a blogger is a very challenging thing cause there are so many of us out there and those that are at the top are doing a really great job. So whenever I start derailing I like to think about the reason why  began the blog and work my way up from there. 

Well that's it hey... hope you enjoyed the post. 

See you soon blogger... 



Friday, September 1, 2017

Weekend Reading | HELLO SPRING 2017

Soweto, South Africa
“Is the spring coming?" he said. "What is it like?"...
"It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine...” 
― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden



Thursday, August 31, 2017

New In | Skin Republic

Hey guys, Skin Republic has been dropping some great affordable masks lately and I just thought that I should share with you some off the masks that I will be trying in the month of September. 

COLLAGEN: Hydrogel Under Eye Patch 
Skin Republic says the under eye patches help to target five eye-area agers which are the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness, puffiness, dark circles and dryness. 
The under eye patches contain collagen, green tea, aloe vera and vitamin A & E
the mask usually retails from R48.00

*YOUTHFOIL: Foil Mask Sheet 
Skin Republic here says that the foil sheet mask contains a double dose of Hyaluronic acid and the foil helps o lock in moisture for nourished, younger and more luminous looking skin. 
the mask usually retails from R85.00

This Skin Republic contains charcoal y'all... Skin Republic say the face mask is made from Activated Charcoal and when exposed to air the oxygenating mask begins to bubble and foam. The mask eliminates impurities, exfoliate dead skin cells for a bright, fresh and luminous complexion. 
the mask usually retails from R44.00

I can't wait to start using my new masks...



Prices taken from TAKEALOT.COM

*PR/Gifted products... you can see my disclaimer here

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Review | Garnier Pure Active 3-in-1 Charcoal Anti-Blackhead

Hey guys, to keep the skincare week going, I just thought that I should review the Garnier Pure Active 3-in-1 Charcoal Anti-blackhead (Wash, Scrub, and Mask) retail R99.99, so without wasting any of your time let us jump straight to it.

The claim:
Garnier claims that the mask is different because it can be used as a wash, scrub and mask to visibly reduce even the most resistant blackheads and help to prevent their appearance. 
Garnier also continues to break-down each function from the wash part, to the mask part and all those instructions and functions are written at the back of the product.

The product:
The Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 Charcoal Anti-blackhead comes in a tube similar to most Garnier cleansing products. What makes this product pop-out from the rest is that the container comes in black, I'm sure it is to emphasize that there is charcoal in the ingredients. 
When you squeeze the tube up, a thick grey-ish like substance that smells minty comes out. 

My experience:
I bought this Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 Charcoal Anti-blackhead because I really wanted to try it out because I just have been developing alot of bad blackheads lately and just wanted to see if the mask would help. My first thought was that it comes in a tube like form and that is great because we all know how these masks that come with open containers can be messy. At first try I used it as a mask and I was pretty impressed with how quickly it dried up, but man that minty smell does not agree with my eyes they kept on crying. I'm checking the label now and it does not say anything about mint only claims to have a blueberry extract. Lately I have been using the 3-in-1 as a scrub and I feel like for me it works better that way. 

My verdict: 
Overall I'm happy with what the Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 Charcoal Anti-blackhead has to offer, as the price is good and my blackheads are minimized the only boring part really for me is that this blueberry extract/minty smell is a bit harsh for my eyes. Would I recommend this, yes. 

Thanks for making it this are awesome. 

See you soon.



Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Review | New Dove DermaSpa Range

Soweto, South Africa
 Hey guys today I have a mini review, gosh! I missed doing reviews and since I haven't been wearing much make-up and really just focusing on my skin,
this week I will just be reviewing some skincare stuff. 

To start off I will be reviewing the *Dove DermaSpa range. I have sectioned them in the parts (The Daily Essentials(pictured above), the go to's and the favorites.


Dove Original and Mineral Touch Roll-on. Dove says that the roll-on contains 1/4 of moisture, alcohol free and lasts for 48hours. I always have gravitated towards Dove roll-on's because they are alcohol free and now that they have introduced the moisture cream I'm sold as my under-arms are not ashy at all. The 48hour part shall be tested this Summer LOL, but over all I'm happy. 

Dove Original and Mineral Touch Antiperspirant does the same job as the Dove Original and Mineral Touch Roll-on's so if you are not a roll-on fan I recommend this one. The thing that I like with antiperspirants is that they have a greater fragrance than roll-on's. 

Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you would have noticed that I went blonde sometime in June and ooh boy the struggle has been real. My hair is now not as thick as it used to be I'm not complaining though cause I'm all about experimenting, so I continued treating my hair each week as usual and recently I have gone back to black cause I just can't blonde anymore. The shampoo and conditioner that I have been using continually are these two, my hair breakage has been minimal and they contain zero parabens guys.


 Dove DermaSpa Cashmere Comfort (Body Butter), if you have been following my blog forever you would know that I suffer from very dry skin and after the Vaseline PJ's you would know that I tend to gravitate towards moisturizers that cater to very, very dry skin and the Dove Body Butter does just that. One thing about the new Dove lotions is that they have a great staying power and they don't leave my skin skin feeling sticky. 

Dove DermaSpa Uplifted+ and Body lotion and Massaging body roll-on, guys the body roll is just one of those products that had me at Hello!, I have never used any massaging rolling on products before. My first thought was too much product will come out because while you are busy massaging the roll-on on your body the contents come out, and no no no! it has an on and off component which is just super and on those other days when you don't have time to use the massager just grab the uplifted+ body lotion.

Dove DermaSpa goodness Body lotion and Silky body oil, these two have been my favourites this winter and I will carry on using them throughout Spring and Summer. The Silky Body Oil will be featured soon on my coming favorites video on YouTube and you will see how awesome it works on my body. 

Overall the Dove range is great, whether you just want to grab the roll-on or the silky body oil I recommend everything as they are worth the buy. 

If you made it this far...You are a star. 

See you soon. 



*PR/gifted products - see my disclaimer here

Monday, August 28, 2017

Manicure Monday | Mini TV Reviews

Soweto, South Africa
On my nails Revlon Colorstay /// shade Up The Ante
Hey guys, hopefully your winter has been great. I spent most of my time at home and I got to catch-up on some TV. So this weeks Manicure Monday post will really be me giving my mini reviews on the shows that I have watched recently. 
N.B. Spoiler Alert I just ramble on about mostly reality shows. 

So I will start off with.

TJOVI TJO (airs on SABC1  Sundays)
This show is really boring guys, there is just too much crying going on there... if you don't believe me see Episode 1 and the other episode that aired yesterday just too much crying.
Side note: Shaka Zulu airs after the show stick around for it.

BEING BONANG (airs on VUZU Amp Fridays)
I won't say much about it cause most of the footage I have seen is from the VUZU website as I'm on DSTV Extra and my package does not allow for me to catch it there. The clips that I have seen are not bad and can't wait to catch it on VUZU 116 when it airs just like many other series cause at present I just can't afford to upgrade.

REAL HOUSEWIFE'S (airs on VUZU weekdays 17:30)
Speaking of Vuzu got to watch the Real Housewife's of Atlanta and Beverly Hills and all I can say is drama, I love these reality shows and just can't get enough of them. Things that mainly catch my eye on reality TV is the drama that happens there and how the show is produced for us the audience and all I can say is Bravo has it good with these reality shows Good Job guys

DISKI DIVA'S (airs on Mzansi Magic)
Being a fan from season1 episode1 when one diva claimed to be able to differentiate a fake red bottom shoe to an authentic one I knew that this show will be good. Pity for the cat fights that occurred outside shooting times though.... This show would still be good. Season 3 is just a big no no. I have moved on to real diva's on E! and they are called WAGS which is just an awesome upgrade from watching Diski Diva's. I'm sorry but when I watch Diski Diva's now I just see a show that went through a lot of budget cuts and it is showing.

KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS (airs almost all the time on E!)
Cause I haven't blogged for sooo long, (like 3 months and I think season 13 was still running then I will just talk about it for a bit cause I want to talk about Kylie). Season 13 was pretty hard because episode 2 dealt with Kim's Paris horror, so after taking sometime off to spend with her family she finally thought yeap I'm really ready to be in public again. Kim is just an inspiration... and congratulations on her make-up line KKW which might never get reviewed on the blog this year cause it is just tooo expensive, but her sister Kylie is just killing it right now.

THE LIFE OF KYLIE (airs almost all the time on E!)
I watched 3 episodes and so far I'm hooked, Kylie is sooo soft spoken I can't deal with that but I will just over look it cause the show is great. I just hate that it only plays for 30 minutes couldn't her production company negotiate for an hour show, such a bummer. I really like the show and I see myself watching it all the time.

LIVNG THE DREAM WITH SOMIZI (airs on Mzansi Magic)
Is it just me or are you also watching repeats of this show also, Somizi just hooks you from the word Go! I like that. I like how the show is also shot, can we have the show running for an hour when it comes back for season 3 (".)

iNUMBER NUMBER (airs on Mzansi Magic)
I could be wrong here but the series seems to be a continuation from the movie (with the same name) but that is really unfair for people that never saw the movie, hence why the show does not make any sense. Alot of things just don't make sense in this series. I just wished they took notes from movies turned series like the Lethal Weapon franchise. Anywho thats my opinion.

I have been watching a lot of other shows on TV but didn't want to make this post long. If you like posts like these please do tell me as I did enjoy typing out this one, and wouldn't mind doing mini reviews maybe on a bi-weekly?

If you made it this far... You are a star ***

See you soon



Thursday, August 3, 2017

Let’s Talk...

On my nails Avon | Red Bombshell
This post is soo late, but here I go. I have been typing out this post and deleting it so many times during July, but I think that you deserve an explanation for my absence from the blog and basically everywhere else…. Stick around till the end cause I’m also going in a rant there…

July is such a bad month for me as a lot of my loved ones passed on during this month, so most of the time (should I have a job at that particular moment I choose to be on leave and just take time to bond with family and friends). This July was not very easy for me as well, cause someone very close to me lost a parent so yet again we had to grieve and I just decided to spend every moment at home close to the people that I love.

The sad part really is I haven’t been creating content for the blog and everywhere else, and when companies send me stuff I’m not really keen on taking out my camera and snapping about the goodies that I have received on that particular day and (this act might have blacklisted me from a few companies “””side note”””” I saw the unfollowing’s on social ***wink***.  The ugly also is that I wasn’t able to attend some events that I really did want to go to and then again most probably on the blacklist now.

As you read this it will be my last day today from my 9-5 due to some unfortunate circumstances that were beyond everyone’s control and I think that the universe is speaking to me to actually focus on writing and creating content (while searching for another job – wish me luck guys), although it will be difficult for me to blog and create content for YouTube (cause blogging and YouTubing is so expensive), I’m letting it all out there and will be doing it either way. 

I have been stalking some Instagram/YouTube pages while I was off and dammmn I think that I need a theme for my page aswell, and a blurry background for YouTube (**sulking**), PUN is intended on my statement but I have seen that companies do gravitate more toward pages that are themed but where is the fun in seeing pictures that are brown and black, what happened to individuality?!

Speaking of Instagram its algorithms are just something else, so I need to sponsor every post now for me to be able to get the people that follow me to see it *right*. I used to be part of the like4like, follow4follow  crews and I’m not ashamed to say that and that’s how I got to the follow count that I’m at today, but I’m getting tired of the follow4follow game (so this weekend I worked on minimizing my following count so that I can actually see post from brands, “”although that might be depressing at times but I need to so that I can create posts that are relevant for that particular time””.)
I will also be sponsoring some posts on Instagram cause I need likes and all LOL  and Instagram you are killing me, but a girl has got to do what she needs to do.

This post really was not to make you sad I just wanted to let it all out there so that when I do blog soon you will see that I do actually care for my blog. The family is okay, we just have to learn to deal with the pain and treat each day as if it was our last.

Thanks for making it this far and thank you so much for the LOVE
See You Soon



Monday, July 3, 2017

Manicure Monday | Why I began blogging

Happy July guys, I can't believe we are in the second half of the year already, where has the time gone to? But the true question really is What is Time? LOL sorry been watching a lot of GENIUS on NatGeo channel 181.

For most of May/June I could say that I lost my blogging mojo and honestly it couldn't have come at a better time, because I was also just tired. My mind went on a mental lock and couldn’t bear typing out anything I just slept went to work and slept again.

Was the rest worth it? I don't know yet however I am writing again which is good. On top of that I also did a mini vlog yesterday it was random but I just felt like doing it. Blogging allows one to share their thoughts it is such a beautiful thing, so in the Winter of 2014 my colleague/friend Charity who has the blog JustKutloano was working on her blog header during our weekend shift and I asked her what she was doing, she said Blogging. I was shocked cause I thought it was impossible and she was like all you need really is a Gmail account and you are good to go.

The first blog name I thought of was so long - In Out and Around Soweto with Zanele Mondi LOL what was I thinking. The second one, which is the current one In Out & Around Soweto which I still love. Why In Out & Around Soweto, well I have an explanation on that HERE
However, the passion behind it really was to share the love that I have for my home town Soweto, which has been lost lately cause all I blog about really these days is eyebrow pencil review, mascara, eyeliner, lipliner….etc. Don't get me wrong that is good however something is missing from the blog and I plan on rectifying that going forward.

If you don't re-evaluate your past, someone else will. I have seen alot of blogs lose their plot because they want to focus on the in thing, and I'm not saying that is bad however I can't for example be reviewing a very expensive under-eye cream if I have never mentioned any affordable eye creams to begin with. I'm not saying that only reviewing expensive things is bad, all I'm saying is know your readers.

In the same time I won't and will never short-sell my readers just because something is affordable and won't work... I will just tell it like it is... The nailpolish I have on today is one of the Essence Autumn/Winter colors, which is deep and dark and I love it.
June was a time for me to rest and reflect. I would like to thank you all for your kind words during my hibernation I really do appreciate it.

That's it for today's post I hope that you have a great productive week.

See you soon.



Monday, June 12, 2017

Update | On A Mini Break

Hey guys, hope all is well and okay on your side, 
Well I'm not okay I have been working non-stop on the blog and on my 9 to 5 for a while now, 
which I have been loving. 
Certain issues in my personal life have just popped up and I just thought that 
I should deal with them for the next two weeks or so. 

I really wanted to do this post so it won't look like I went out of action for no reason. 

If it was possible for me to create content during this period I would 
however I just need to be with the family. 

Thank you so much for the continued support I really do appreciate it, as the blog 
In Out & Around Soweto wouldn't be anywhere without it. 

So I'm taking just a mini-break and will be back soon. 

Much love. 


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Event | A New Dawn Is Rising

On Tuesday Dawn invited us to a great night of sharing their latest products and to also give us words of encouragement. The event was held at the beautiful Shine Studios in Braamfontein, Joburg.

My sister got there on time to take pictures for me as I was held-up on my 9-5, the beautiful pleasure of having a sister who understands your grind should never be underestimated 
and for that I will forever be grateful of her.

P.S. All the pictures in this post were taken by her, as I arrived for the event way late.
Lets continue…with some few words from Dawn. 

Confidence is the key to success. When you feel confident, you are able to see and seize the opportunities around you and handle the challenges you face in your path. This is why Dawn is making it their mission to give young South African women the physical and emotional confidence to achieve greatness in life. 

Dawn believes in the young women of South Africa and wants to empower them to glow with beauty and confidence every day.
This renewed brand vision is part of a brand relaunch that will see Dawn reposition itself to be more relevant to today’s modern, young South African women who are trying to get ahead in life. This week Dawn will launch a mentorship programme with the guidance of mentoring NGO, SAYes. 

Through this collaboration, Dawn will become the catalyst that connects successful women with SAYes so that, together they can help young women by giving them positive role models and mentorship.  

 The Dawn relaunch includes an inspiring brand film that provides a powerfully emotional story of a typical day in the life of a young South African woman. The film epitomises the Dawn woman; eager, able and ready to conquer her dreams, yet constantly facing obstacles on her road to success.

Dawn wants to be a part of her journey. By providing her with a quality skin care lotion that gives her skin the care it needs to glow with beauty, Dawn allows her to look and feel her best when she goes out each day to conquer her fears and obstacles.

Along with a new point of view, Dawn will also be launching all new, modern packaging designs for the full range of products, which will appear in retail stores in August this year.

The Dawn range of hand & body lotions have been specifically crafted by a team of skin care experts to deliver confidence on the go. With its unique blend of Special Oils, Vitamin A and E and Glycerine that absorb easily into the skin, Dawn offers optimum moisturisation for up to 24 hours, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and soft.

"Mentoring is a critical tool to aid the empowerment of South Africa's young people and future leaders. Whether in corporate, educational or personal settings, effective mentoring can help young people develop the life skills, confidence and direction they need to thrive in adulthood.” Says Michelle Potter, Co-founder and Executive Director, SAYes. 

A new Dawn is rising – one where Dawn is at the centre of a sisterhood of support and upliftment, one where Dawn is the voice that whispers when she’s on the cusp of greatness… 
- Dawn
WE also got to sign a mini declaration after the event, that says: 

The daily challenges we face are tough. 
To overcome these barriers to success I had to believe in myself and my abilities confidently.
Tonight I’m part of a conversation that inspire confidence in young women – the confidence to build self belief. Find the resilience to keep going and realize her full potential…, 
beyond her circumstances.
Tonight I pledge to continue this journey of encouragement, to continue the conversation of mentorship and to continue to spread the anthem of support


Thanks Dawn South Africa for the lovely event. 

till next time

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Colors by Foschini Eyeshadow Review

Yesterday on social I shared swatches of the Colors by Foschini Eyeshadow Palette, I must say I was pretty impressed. I bought the eyeshadows sometime back in January and swatched the nude ones and wasn't that happy... let me do a quickly review for you and then you will make up your mind on it.

The claim:
I don't see it on the Foschini website and there is no claim also anywhere but I will just stick with the general eyeshadow rule, which is probably great pigmentation, longevity and minimal fallout.

The product:
The eyeshadows come with six matte shades and six shimmery shades. They retail from R39.99

My experience
Bought the eyeshadows to expand my eyeshadow collection back in January, swatch’d the matte shades and I was not happy with the swatches and I threw the shadows away(to the back of the my drawer), I was looking for a reddish-brown shimmery shade two weeks back and boom this palette had it and I swatched it once with hopes that it would pick up and booom the shade came through nicely.The matte shades I'm not happy with but the shimmery ones omg somgaga I'm sold.

So if you are looking for an affordable eyeshadow palette with great pigmentation and good staying power.Get this palette

P.S. You can also get this palette with the shimmery shades only, which is great news.



Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Top 3 Favourite Products from POND'S

Hey guys, I thought that I should bring you something different today, as I'm swinging back to blogging on the daily again. These 3 products from PONDS guys, I just can't stop using them.

P.S. everyone skincare routine is different and results will vary from person to person, so if one product does work for me or not for you, or the other way round hey that’s okay that is why it is called a routine and routines change.  
So without wasting any of your time I will start off with the...
Pond’s Pimple Clear FaceWash
Pond's claims the following about the face wash:
– For smooth, clear skin. See a difference in just 3 days*
– Formulated with the world’s first for face care Active Thymo-T Essence
– Helps fight pimples at the root

My Thoughts:
I was lucky enough to be at the launch of the Pimple Clear range earlier this year and I have been using the face wash together with the Pond’s Pimple Clear Leave-on Expert Clearing Gel for sometime now. The Pond’s Pimple Clear Leave-on Expert Clearing Gel did it's job of clearing out pimples that I get occasionally, however ever since I began using the Pond’s Pimple Clear Face-Wash those occasional pimples no longer pop. I know it's a huge claim but this facewash is doing it’s job, this is my 3rd purchase and I'm happy plus its affordable.

Pond’s Pimple Clear Face-Wash retails for R34.95 
POND"S Re-Brightening Night Treatment

POND's claims:
This extra nourishing, rejuvenating night cream helps to repair daily skin damage and actively brightens your complexion whilst you sleep. Dark spots and blemishes are diminished, evening out skin tone and reducing discolouration. Wake up to more luminous, flawless looking skin.

My Thoughts:
For me night-creams are supposed to be non-greasy and this product is just that non-greasy but moisturising. My night routine includes applying a serum and then the night cream. My only main concern here is that the Visible Even Tone Day Cream carries no SPF maybe it does have another form of sun protection, however for me I would like it written on the product. The POND"S Re-Brightening Night Treatment is great for me as it helps clear out blemishes which I suffer from most, and hey a little re-brightening formulation does not hurt either.

POND"S Re-Brightening Night Treatment retails for R99.95
POND'S Anti-Spot Intensive Even Tone Serum
POND'S claims
This potent anti-pigmentation serum intervenes in the ageing cycle that creates dark, stubborn spots by decreasing the transfer of dark pigments to the surface of the skin. This prevents discolouration before it begins and gives the skin a new, bright and luminous glow. Not only does the serum reduce the appearance of dark marks, it also results in youthful, smoother skin.

My Thoughts
For me this serum ties everything together in the Pond's Flawless Radiance Collection. This morning while getting ready just after using a toner (cause you know how drying these could be) then using the serum all I can say is oooh my goodness. If you are not using a serum in your skincare routine you need to start immediately and for this I recommend the POND'S serum.

POND'S Anti-Spot Intensive Even Tone Serum usually retails for R109.00

For more information on the PONDS range you can go to the following link: POND'S

Hope you have enjoyed my mini reviews. 



Monday, June 5, 2017

Manicure Mondays | Welcome Back & Let’s Talk

Hello guys, hope everyone has been great and okay, even if this post is a day late I really wanted
to have it out either way. One thing that I love more than a full coverage foundation, more than a full coverage concealer that does not require setting (lol maybe I'm dreaming here on the require no setting part but I hope you get me), I love having my nails done at home on a Sunday chilling with the fam.  I tried the acrylic thing a few months back and I'm like no more no thanks. I'm glad that my nails are back to their robustness again,

Well it's Manicure Monday girls and it is time for us to catch-up.

I love blogging as a hobby but let's face it these days companies have seen 
how much influence we do have and that
is great because we can turn our hobbies into something that will bring us some pocket money and hey sometimes we can start making a living cause whether we like or not blogging is expensive.

You need High Quality Pictures - You need a camera or phone that will take such and that is expensive
You need the latest foundation - You will need to buy it which is expensive
You need to get your post out there - We you will need to promote it honey, and promotions cost money cause lets face it, Instagram alga-fu***n-rhythms are just messing us up, and hashtags are just hashtags lately.

Blogging has become a bit challenging, because we now live in the Age of the "Influencer".... this will be our topic next week.

What's your take on the business side of blogging?

See you soon.


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