Friday, December 16, 2016

New In | NIVEA Fresh Musk Deodorant

NIVEA Fresh Musk Deodorant
NIVEA /// Fresh Mush Deodorant Roll-on /// R19.99 for 50ml
NIVEA /// Fresh Musk Deodorant Spray /// R29.99 for 150ml
Hey guys!!! Now that it is officially summer and today is December the 16th and I don't know how you celebrate the public holiday of Reconciliation on your end but in Soweto it is nothing but braai's and chilling in parks and today I will be doing just that. 

NIVEA has launched it's new fragrance which is just in time for summer and is called Fresh Musk Deodorant* and comes in a spray of aerosol and roll on. I am currently using the NIVEA double effect roll-on which also has 0% alcohol and great for sensitive underarms. The new deodorant has that and more and comes in a great musk smell but is not over-powering 
which is all great for summer days. 

If you are looking for great affordable summer deodorant, this one is for you. 


Happy Holiday!!!

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  1. i love me some scent of fresh musk, and also of white musk but this last one on men lol!


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