Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hair Review | Silky Straight Heat Resistant Wig

On Instagram I posted  a mini video flaunting my short hair then told everyone that the link can be found on the bio. Silly me cause I never did a hair review on this hair. Sorry guys for the confusion.

The unit that I'm wearing according to the site Gamiss.com is called a Silky Straight Heat Resistant  Wig for Women* which retails for $12.16 which is +/- R165 South African Rands.

So far I only wear the wig when I'm going out on events, taking pics for Insta and only once for work when my other wig was being washed.

I haven't washed it yet or even ironed it yet cause I'm scared.
Maybe I should do a first impression for it on YouTube, LOL.

*PR/Gifted product 

4 comments so far

  1. The hair looks very nice...how much do they charge for shipping?

  2. Their shipping differs as quantity talks.

  3. omg for a second i thought you'd cut your hair!!!! lovely hairstyle on the wig though.

    1. Girl, I did cut my hair but I will post that on the blog next year... However this wig is also great.


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