Monday, October 10, 2016

Manicure Monday | Fighting Allergies with Lifebuoy

This Manicure Monday post will be a bit different, other than focusing on nails
we will be focusing on our hand hygiene. Lifebuoy South Africa recently sent me this
great pack on how I can combat seasonal allergies and being a girl that suffers from sinuses
I know allergies very well.

Tips for combating allergies this Spring/Summer are as follows:

1. Prevention is better than cure.
I am prone to getting congestion in Spring/Summer so I make sure that I
use a humidifier year round. *How I wish I stayed near coastal areas*

2. Wash your hands.
We have been taught this since our pre-school days, so let us continue
that good habit of washing our hands before breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus after using the bathroom and when bathing/showering.

3. Tackle the dust.
Guys, I don't have to explain this one. Please lets keep our work space and living areas clean so that we can avoid dust build-up which again leads to allergies.

4. Keep those pets clean.
Bathe your pets on the regular so that they won't be a breading ground for gems; gems
that will get in contact with your hands which will lead to more allergies.

Keeping our hands clean guys is pretty simple.



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