Monday, August 15, 2016

Manicure Monday Catch-Up ft Revlon Colorstay Wild Card

Omg what a month, firstly I would like to wish my Grandmother a very happy birthday, 
she is turning 84 years young.
A message to my grandmother is I love you dearly that you for being my rock.

So this past weekend was filled with exciting activities but failed a bit, tried filming a post and it ended up being not that great as when I tried editing, it just deleted.
 I will try filming again this weekend, (may the filming gods be with me lol).

I won't be doing a review of the gel-envy because I have done, quite a few in the 
past of which you can see. 
 I just wanted to show you this great color which is great for Winter and Spring, I will
most definitely be wearing it this Spring/Summer once my nails have grown a bit longer, but for now I'm wearing Revlon Checkmate (Ultimate favorite till date).

Have a great day and stay blessed

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