Monday, February 29, 2016

Tutorial | My Nail Care Routine 2016

Happy Monday, today is the last day of February plus its a Leap Year I hope that all is well  and everything is going as planned.

My nail/hand care routine is pretty simple I just make sure that I file my nails and keep my hands are well moisturized. Below is a simple tutorial on how just after I apply my gel nail polish, I use a quick setting dry spray and plus my hand cream. I have also  included mini reviews on each product mentioned, I hope you enjoy.

Right after I apply my gel polish I apply the *Revlon 60 Seconds Quick Dry Spray, on this tutorial I'm wearing Cardshark and I apply'd two coats on each nail so that I can get the consistency that I like. 
The 60 Seconds Quick Dry Spray is perfect for gel nail polishes because usually there is a long wait before one can apply the Top Coat, so the spray enables one to just apply the Top Coat without that long wait. The complete drying time for gel based nail polishes is a bit longer than 60 seconds, but the spray is enough for one to apply the second coat. 
The instructions for use are pretty easy: Shake can and hold about 10cm away from nails. Spray on wet nail enamel - one nail at time

Once my nail polish has completely dry'd up I use the Revlon Nail Care De-aging Hand Cream which is now my new favourite hand cream because it is not like the normal hand creams that leave your hands feeling greasy, this one doesn't and I like that. The below picture shows the end product and p.s. no filter just great lighting and enjoying the last day of summer.

Revlon 60 Seconds Quick Dry Spray : SHOP HERE
Revlon Nail Care De-aging Hand Cream : SHOP HERE
See my previous Revlon Gel Envy Nail Polish post reviews here :Colorstay GelEnvy Review

*The Nail Care pack was kindly sent to me. 

8 comments so far

  1. That colour is AWESOME! The pink gel envy colour... :)
    What is it called?

  2. Thanks for reading my posy Kat - The color is called Cardshark

  3. Beautiful color. Never heard of the spray nail dry definitely adding to my purchase list. Sharing!!!

    1. You should Pam, I recommend it for gel nailpolishes as they take time to get dry.

  4. I am loving that color on you! :) It's gorgeous. And I have never seen that technique, I can't wait to try it out next time I try to do my nails :)

    1. The 60 second spray really does help with the quick setting of the gel nailpolish you must definitely give it a try Jessica


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