Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 Goals

Congratulations!!! We have made it to 2016 and to be honest with you 2015 was not the greatest year for me. Most of the things that I tried to do didn’t flourish to my standards and the stabations (knives I had received behind my back LORRRRD I tell you “story for another day”). I’m glad I got through those experiences and I learned a lot from them trust me.
2016 is here and this year I’m planning to do a lot of things differently starting with the consistency of my posts and all. I thought that I should make a list of things that I would like to achieve this year because what blogger would I be if I didn’t share such things.

1       Growing my blog (2015 was great  for my blog as I found my niche and I would like to extend more  on that this year and not forgeting the inspirational quotes that I love to share.
2.       Continue improving my content (I’m all about quality and less on quantity because what good is it for me to post daily with ugly pictures and a post with less quality content).
3.       Make time for my friends and family (lets us be honest here we see our family everyday and we “catch up” with our friends via social media but we are always busy with “things”).
4.       Start my weight loss journey ( In the year 2015 I gained a lot of weight, it had a lot to do with my personal challenges and very late last year I began to start breathing again).
5.       I would also love to travel more( last year I travelled but not as much as I would have loved to so this is the year). 

Hopefully my list has inspired you to create your own. Although I may not know what 2016 has in store for us I pray that only good things triumph. 
Cheers to 2016 

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