Monday, December 21, 2015

DIY | Revlon Gel Envy Simple Christmas NailArt

It is that time of the year again when this week will go by so fast (last minute shopping, cooking for the extended family, getting stuck in long lines at the grocery stores, over spending and over eating then it will be over just like that *snap*) but I guess it will be worth it. I managed to create posts that are inspired by this week and I hope that you will enjoy each post as they come. 

On my Instagram account I'm doing a fun challenge similar to what I did last year Capturing December 2014 but will only do a blog post about it on the last day of December just to summarize all the pictures that I have captured on Instagram. 

Anywho the look that I did below is one of the easiest/beginner friendly look that you can  rock this Christmas day, please consult the DIY Nail Art Post for required instruments.  
I hope that you enjoy it. 

The nail polishes were kindly sent to me by RevlonSA
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  1. That looks sooooooo cute and simple I think I can do that....and nice colours by the way.

    1. Thanks girl. The colours just scream christmas.


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